It Takes Two game: Release date, trailer, gameplay, platforms

It Takes Two coop gameplayHazelight Studios

It Takes Two is possibly one of EA’s most imaginative titles to date. Completely co-op based in order to help you hone your team player skills, here’s everything you need to know about the cute-looking story.

It’s safe to say that 2020 and 2021 have weighed pretty heavy on all of us. Thankfully EA has come to the rescue with It Takes Two, which is literally the perfect fun-filled adventure to keep you and a friend (or more than a friend) amused throughout this perplexing period.

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Based in a cartoon universe designed to showcase the power of teamwork, here’s everything we know about the collaborative cartoon creation.

It Takes Two EA Couple Cody May CharactersHazelight Studios
Think you make a good team? Test it out as Cody and May!

It Takes Two release date

It Takes Two is now available to play via Steam, as well as the Playstation, XBOX, and Origin stores.

Price (US/UK)

The price is currently set at $39.99 (£34.99) and gives you and a friend access to the whole adventure. Importantly in order for your friend to participate, they have to be able to play online. This requires the respective first-party accounts, as well as Xbox Live Gold or PS Plus subscriptions.

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The title’s official trailer was unveiled at The Game Awards in 2020, but had been preceded by an interview with the game’s Writer and Director Josef Fares.

Official Release Trailer

Narrated by an adorable little Italian book entitled ‘The Book of Love,’ the trailer promises us a magical world where you traverse everything from a winter wonderland ski resort to space-time itself.

You do this in the bodies of Cody and May, the adorable couple that are at the heart of this story. Turned into dolls as a magical form as couples therapy, they have to work together on their relationship in order to make their way through the game’s universe.

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It Takes Two Friend’s Pass trailer

A trailer dedicated to the Friend Pass has also been released, and it specifically breaks down how the Friend’s Pass will work.

It Takes Two Official gameplay trailer

The official gameplay trailer showcases just how exciting the journey players will be embarking on is. Showcasing the myriad of skills, locations, and setpieces within the game, there’s undoubtedly a phenomenal experience to behold.

What is it about?

At the core of It Takes Two is the cooperative aspect. The storyline revolves around married couple Cody and May whose relationship, according to the Book of Love, is at an all time low.

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Halfway through a divorce, they’ve been magically transformed into two of their daughter Rose’s adorable little woven dolls and forced to work together in order to work their way through the universe.

Meeting a host of colorful characters along the way, It Takes Two promises to be a “light-hearted and touching story” that is the perfect mood booster.


It Takes Two Split Screen Gameplay CoopHazelight Studios
It Takes Two’s gameplay really does mirror it’s name!

As the title suggests, in order to play It Takes Two you’ll need a friend. The game is purely cooperative, and therefore you won’t be able to play the story alone.

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Focusing on split-screen gameplay, friends can be invited via the Friend’s Pass which allows them to play the game for free as your partner.

Only the person with the purchased copy can be the game host, and therefore if you want to be the one in the driver’s seat you’ll have to be the one forking out the cash.

It Takes Two platforms

It Takes Two will be available on Playstation 4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S Series, and on PC via Steam or Origen.

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Importantly, the game is not cross-platform, and therefore to start your co-op journey you need to have the same console or a PC. The game is cross-generational, though, so a PS4 player can play with a PS5 player with no issues.

Announced on Nintendo Direct, It Takes Two will be available on Nintendo Switch on November 4, 2022. It’s available to be played on one system or two.

It Takes Two preview and reviews

Interested to hear our take on the game? Check out our initial preview of the game here, followed by our review.

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