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How to solve Giant Acorn bridge puzzle in It Takes Two

Published: 26/Mar/2021 9:31

by Lauren Bergin


Despite only being the second level in the game, It Takes Two’s tree adventure has some fiendish puzzles to solve. Here’s how to navigate the cog bridge in the acorn experimentation lab. 

It Takes Two’s insane cartoon universe is packed to the brim with perplexing puzzles and hidden secrets, with the title’s second level being one of the most complex.

Stuck inside the bowels of a huge tree which has become the battleground for an intense conflict between the garden’s resident squirrels and wasps, in order to escape you need to defeat the tree’s resident Wasp Queen. And she’s a force to be reckoned with.


However, before you even get to her, there’s a pretty difficult puzzle in the way. So, without further ado, here’s how to solve the cog bridge in the infamous acorn experimentation lab.

How to solve the acorn bridge puzzle

It Takes Two wasp queen
Hazelight Studios
The Wasp Queen truly is a force, but getting to her isn’t easy either!

As you traverse the insides of the ancient tree, you’ll come to an area where there appears to have been some experimentation going on. With a huge acorn suspended in formaldehyde, there’s vats of the stuff all over the place.

In order to make it to the next area, you need to use the cogs used to open or close the vats to get May onto higher ground, and it’s pretty headache-inducing.


Here’s the best method for scaling the acorn puzzle:

  1. Put sap on the pully mechanism to drop the manhole cover so that May can jump on top.
  2. Use May’s match gun the blow up the sap and send the manhole upwards.
  3. As Cody, use the sap on the bottom and left lines of the cross to move the cogs.
  4. Make sure you have a “V” shape at the top.
  5. As May, run across the cogs until you reach the other side.
  6. From here you can raise the second manhole cover to allow Cody access to the high ground.

It Takes Two

This puzzle really is a head-scratcher, and it definitely will feel the urge to have a rage. However, keep calm and give this a go. Sure it’s tricky, but at least it’s worth it!

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