Marvel Snap progression explained: Upgrade cards, Collection Level, Boosters & more

Marvel Snap progression explainedNuverse

Upgrading cards is a vital part of progression in Marvel Snap, especially if you want to get hold of the top-tier characters. Here’s how progression works in Marvel Snap and how to upgrade your Deck.

Marvel Snap is the latest fast-paced deck builder to hit mobile devices, placing your favorite comic book heroes and villains in the palm of your hand. The game has dozens of iconic Marvel characters to unlock, but it’s a long road ahead to get them all.

Progression and unlocking cards in Marvel Snap revolves around upgrading your current Deck, but newcomers might be wondering how it all works.

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Luckily, we’ve put together a guide on how to upgrade cards in Marvel Snap, and an explanation of how progression works.


How progression works in Marvel Snap

In order to unlock new cards in Marvel Snap, you must progress your Collection Level. Every four to eight levels, you will be rewarded with brand-new characters to fill out your Deck, with Boosters and Credits being handed out in between.

The only way to increase your collection level is by upgrading cards to new rarities: the higher the rarity, the more levels you gain in one go. All cards begin as common, and you can see how each upgrade affects your Collection Level below:

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RarityCollection Level

How to upgrade cards in Marvel Snap

In order to upgrade cards in Marvel Snap you will need two things: Credits and Boosters. Credits are earned by completing daily missions that can be viewed from the main menu, while Boosters are dished out at the end of each match.

Boosters are unique to each individual card, and only one character will receive Boosters after each game. The character is chosen at random and there is no way of knowing which one will get lucky, however, as of the November 3 update cards with less than 20 Boosters will be prioritized.

As you’d imagine, it costs more Credits and Boosters to upgrade cards depending on how rare they are, so we’ve provided a full breakdown below:

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RarityBorder ColorEffectBooster CostCredit Cost
CommonGreyDefault card artNoneNone
UncommonGreenFrame Break525
LegendaryOrangeShiny Logo30300
UltraRedAnimated Border40400
InfinityFoil/PurpleSplit the card50500

Marvel Snap Fast Upgrades explained

The other way to improve your Collection Level in Marvel Snap is through Fast Upgrades. Since you can only earn Boosters for cards in your Deck when playing matches, Fast Upgrades offer the chance to sneakily upgrade characters that you don’t use and continue your progression.

Every eight hours, three random cards from your collection will appear in the shop under the Fast Upgrade section. Paying the required number of Credits will automatically grant that character enough Boosters to increase them to the next rarity.

There you have it! That was everything you need to know about progression and upgrading cards in Marvel Snap. For more on the mobile title, check out our other guides:

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