Marvel Snap tie: How to win a tiebreaker

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Marvel Snap tiebreakers aren’t a frequent occurrence, but when they eventually do happen, it’s important to know how to gain the advantage. Here’s how to win a tie in Marvel Snap.

Marvel Snap exploded onto the digital card game scene in October 2022 and instantly became one of the most downloaded free-to-play games on Steam and the mobile market.

The game features over 200 cards at launch, ranging from the most iconic characters in Marvel history to incredibly niche ones only the most hardcore comic book fan would know.

In order to win a match of Marvel Snap, players must win two of the three locations on the board. However, sometimes the power on each side of a location is tied, making it confusing who exactly will have the advantage and win the match.

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Marvel Snap is currently in Early Access.

Marvel Snap: How tiebreakers work

A tie occurs in Marvel Snap when both sides are tied in power at one location, and the remaining two locations have an equal power differential.

Let’s say a match ends and you’re tied 12-12 with your opponent on one location. In the other location, you lose 10-15, and in the final location, you win 17-12. This would result in a tie as both sides have equal power when added together.

When a match ends in a tie, neither side gains any rank regardless of if either player Snapped.

If you are tied 12-12 at one location, and win another location 18-10, and lose the final location 8-9, then you would win the tiebreaker as you have a higher power differential at your winning location.

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Marvel Snap: How to win a tie

In order to win a tiebreaker in Marvel Snap, you must be winning another location and have a larger lead at one of the other locations than the opponent in order to win the tie.

If you believe you are locked into a tie at one location, make sure to power up another location and win by as many points as possible. Make sure to dump out all the cards in your hand before the end of the final turn in the location you are winning so you can get ahead of the tiebreaker.

In the very rare instance that you are tied at two locations, then the power at the final location will determine either a winner. So, make sure you’re prepared to win big at another location if one of them is completely locked into a tie.

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