Is Elden Ring cross-platform? PvP details, crossplay, more

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Elden Ring is looking like it could be one of the defining games of 2022, but will its PvP have cross-platform/crossplay? Let’s take a look.

Elden Ring is a brand-new RPG set to debut on February 25, 2022, with George RR Martin coming on board to help build its story.

Notably, the game will also feature PvP elements, allowing players to battle against one another or explore the game’s vast map in co-op.

But, if you’re playing on a console and a friend is on PC, will you be able to go to battle together?

Is Elden Ring cross-platform/crossplay?

elden ring
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Those looking to share the world with their friends on different platforms may be in for some tough luck.

From what has been announced so far, it does not appear that Elden Ring will support cross-platform PvP play at launch.

FromSoftware could always switch something up closer to the game’s release, however, don’t count on being able to play with your friends who are on PC if you’re on Xbox.

The game will, however, support other areas of PvP for players to enjoy, so not all hope is lost.

Elden Ring PvP details

elden ring
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With the foes looking as fearsome as they are, you may need allies in Elden Ring.

While you may not be able to play Elden Ring with your friends on different devices, you will be able to play with those that are on the same platform as you are.

For those on console, this will notably include cross-gen support, meaning those with the new Xbox S/X or PS5 shouldn’t sweat too much.

The game’s PvP will be multi-faceted, allowing for players to team up against common enemies, duel, and even raid other players’ worlds to defeat them by suprise.

We’ll know more about the details of Elden Ring’s multiplayer as the game’s release draws near. In the meantime, make sure and stay tuned for more news and updates!

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