How to change your ship name in Helldivers 2

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Helldivers 2 ship

Wondering how you can change your ship name in Helldivers 2? Here’s everything you need to know about customizing the name of your trusty space vessel in the game.

Arrowhead Game Studios’ latest release is Helldivers 2, the follow-up to top-down shooter Helldivers. The sequel is an action-packed third-person experience that you can tackle with up to three friends in co-op, or take on alone in solo play if you’re up for the challenge.

Your ship acts as your main hub in Helldivers 2, it’s where you’ll be choosing missions at your Galactic War table, as well as unlocking new stratagems, and adjusting your loadouts. If you want to make it feel a bit more like home in the game, you can customize its name to give it a personal touch.

So, here’s exactly how to change your ship name in Helldivers 2, and how to rename it if you’re not happy with your initial decision.

How to change the name of your ship in Helldivers 2

Helldivers 2 Ship name

You can rename your ship once you finish the tutorial of Helldivers 2. When you do so, you’ll be given a list to help you create a title.

Unfortunately, you can’t fully customize your ship name, so there’s no place for the Millennium Falcon, the Enterprise, or a pun.

How to rename your ship in Helldivers 2

If you’ve changed your ship name in the tutorial and aren’t too happy with it you can change it again. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Head to the Ship Management computer to the left of the Armory.
  2. Go to the Destroyer tab.
  3. Press Square on your Xbox or the respective button for your PC.
  4. Rename your ship.

Thankfully, you can change your ship’s name as many times as you want, just follow the above steps and select a great name.

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