How many people play Naraka Bladepoint? Player count & population tracker

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naraka bladepoint Valda Cui leading army aboard from pirate ship sailing Four Seas

Naraka Bladepoint transforms the conventional battle royale into an Asian-inspired melee fight for the crown, but just how many people play it? Here’s the player count for 24 Entertainment’s BR.

Transporting players to the once peaceful haven of Morus Island, 24 Entertainment’s melee-style battle royale, Naraka Bladepoint, pits players against one another in a martial arts skirmish for the crown.

With an all-new mobile version of the game on the horizon, players will be able to dive into the action via handheld device – a first for the currently PC exclusive title.

Given that Naraka Bladepoint has spawned its own sister title, just how many people are actually playing the PC version? Here’s our player count and population tracker for Naraka Bladepoint.


naraka bladepoint characters fighting each other with moon in background
Naraka Bladepoint is an innovative take on the classic BR.

How many people play Naraka Bladepoint: Monthly count

In the last 30 days (this article being written on May 24), an average of 50,101 players have dove into the fray, with the peak number of players hitting 129,636.

This information was obtained via SteamCharts, an app which analyses Steam’s concurrent players. While some players also play via the Epic Games store, the Steam population count represents the vast majority of players.

In comparison to April there’s been a slight decline in players (only 9%), but given that new hero Takeda Nobutada, the Demon Vessel, arrived in-game as of May 21, we may see this spike again coming into June.

Naraka Bladepoint Takeda Nobutada and Matari
Channeling demonic energy, Takeda Nobutada may be the hero Naraka needs.

How many people play Naraka Bladepoint: Daily count

In the last seven days (May 17 to May 24), an average of 126,125 players logged into Naraka Bladepoint.

So that’s how many people play Naraka Bladepoint in 2022 on Steam, including the daily and monthly player counts.

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