Naraka Bladepoint character tier list: Best heroes ranked

James Busby
Best Naraka characters tier list

Naraka Bladepoint includes a handful of unique fighters for players to use, and if you’re wondering which ones are best our tier list has got you covered.

The melee-focused Naraka Bladepoint is one of the most unique takes on the battle royale genre, featuring 15 powerful characters to choose from, each with their own strengths and abilities.

Just like any character-based title, however, some fighters are more effective than others on the battlefield, and while having the best character won’t always guarantee your victory, or immediately improve your skills in the game, it will enhance your chances of survival.

With that in mind, here’s a full rundown of our tier list rankings for every playable character Naraka Bladepoint.


Best Naraka Bladepoint characters tier list

Using the best characters in Naraka Bladepoint won’t instantly secure your victory in the game but can they likely make the melee learning curve slightly easier to master, and your win rate should begin to improve by having the best fighters under your control.

S-tier Naraka Bladepoint characters


Matari Naraka
Matari is one of the most popular picks in ranked play.

If you’re looking for a character that has plenty of mobility, then look no further than Matari. This swift assassin can duck in and out of combat with her skill, Silent Flutter, making her insanely difficult to deal with. 

Find yourself on the losing side of a battle? Simply reset the fight, heal up, and rejoin the skirmish on your own terms. If that wasn’t tantalizing enough, Matari’s ultimate, Unseen Wings, enables her to enter stealth, which makes her tricky to see. 

Having the ability to both creep up on your unsuspecting foe and refresh the cooldown of your teleports is incredibly powerful, particularly in final circles. 

While Matari may not have any skills that increase her DPS, her ability to take fights on her own terms and escape combos is what makes her such a powerhouse. 

Yoto Hime

Yoto Hime Naraka
Yoto Hime’s ultimate can easily wipe out multiple foes.

Yoto Hime is another popular character that has dominated Naraka: Bladepoint’s arena since release. This bloodthirsty warrior is armed with a gigantic demonic blade, which has both incredible range and damage. 

This oversized sword is used in Yoto Hime’s Spirit Slash – a skill that enables her to unleash a spinning blade that both blocks incoming projectiles and damages those that stray near. Spirit Slash also allows Yoto Hime to teleport toward the spinning blade, making it a great gap closer, an escape tool, and a deadly part of a combo. 

Should you find yourself needing to take down a fearsome enemy, then Yoto Hime’s Ominous Blade will give you the edge needed to turn the tide. This ultimate unleashes three deadly strikes that have both huge amounts of reach and lethality, giving you the tools needed to clutch a victory.

A-tier Naraka Bladepoint characters

Tarka Ji

Tarka Ji Naraka
Tarka Ji’s scorching hits can melt through even the tankiest opponents.

Tarka Ji has an insatiable thirst for alcohol and relentless hunger for freedom – in fact, the Loyal Drunk channels this carefree spirit into his fighting style. His skill, Inner Fire, sees Tarka Ji enter a defensive stance. 

During this state, the indomitable hero can block any melee attack and even counter his enemy’s slashes, stripping them of their armor and health. Tarka Ji’s ultimate, Blackout, imbues the drunken hero with fiery energy. 

Not only does this ult increase Tarka Ji’s movement speed, but it also blocks ranged projectiles and burns his rivals. Being able to either chase down a low-health foe or quickly reposition is always important in Naraka: Bladepoint.  


Key art of Yueshan a character from Naraka: Bladepoint
Yueshan is the most versatile hero in Naraka: Bladepoints roster!

Yueshan is the most versatile fighter featured in Naraka: Bladepoint and can utilize his skills effectively in either an offensive or defensive manner, giving any team he’s on the chance to change the flow of combat to their advantage. His base skill, Linebreaker, is a handy tool for damage dealing that also creates the perfect opening to set up an escape or a combo depending on the situation.

Yueshan turns into the Almighty General when his Ultimate is activated. In this state, he acquires an entirely different move-set and a new pool of health. These newfound attacks include Leaping Slash and Dragontail — moves that can be devastating but are slow to execute, so timing is everything! As such a versatile warrior, it’s impossible to not rank Yueshan highly.

Viper Ning

Viper Ning Naraka
Viper Ning’s crowd control abilities make her a nightmare in teamfights.

Viper Ning’s kit is tailored around controlling the battlefield with deadly CC abilities that stop her foes dead in their tracks. The Blind Blademaster’s skill, Yushan Enigma, unleashes a blast of energy that knocks back nearby enemies and disrupts charge attacks. 

This skill is very useful when you wish to interrupt enemy combos or escape a particularly tricky fight. Viper Ning’s ultimate, Twilight Crimson, summons the God of Yin’s eye, which marks all nearby enemies and stuns them after five seconds. 

While the Blind Blademaster can’t attack during her ult’s casting, those unfortunate enough to get caught by this ability can’t move for five seconds. This gives Viper Ning the perfect opportunity to either make a swift escape or eliminate any threats.  


Key art of Wuchen a character in Naraka Bladepoint
Wuchen is a very well-rounded pick in Naraka: Bladepoint

Wuchen fills the support and utility-based role on the battlefield. His skills allow him to quickly move his team around the map, granting buffs and debuffs to allies and enemies respectively.

His base skill, Spirit Blades, summons five blades that can either be shot at the enemy individually or all together for more damage. The defensive variation of the skill, Spirit Blade Shield, creates a barrier against any oncoming projectile attacks.

Wuchen’s Tai Chi Rift Ultimate can teleport the team up to 120 meters and can be used when under attack. Depending on his teammates’ health, an attack or damage reduction buff will be granted once the ult has been used. Wuchen is a well-rounded pick, great for quick getaways in those sticky situations.

Feria Shen

An image of Feria Shen in Naraka Bladepoint.
Feria Shen has powerful mech abilities.

Feria Shen is a great option on the battlefield for those players who want something a little different in their gameplay as she’s the only fighter who uses mech mechanics in battle.

With her summoning abilities, she can call upon a powerful bronze mech to aid her in combat, which can either help her escape sticky situations or be used to resist oncoming enemy assaults. These defensive skills combined with her strong Mech Mayhem attack make her a fantastic DPS unit in Naraka Bladepoint.

Thanks to Feria Shen’s diverse kit, she can shine in both solo play and co-op battles.

Ziping Yin

An image of Ziping Yin in Naraka Bladepoint.
Ziping Yin can provide great support abilities in combat.

Ziping Yin is undoubtedly one of the best support characters in Naraka Bladepoint. She has excellent defensive skills which include direct healing and the ability to provide additional armor on the battlefield.

Her Ultimate ‘Saving Grace’ Ultimate is particularly useful as it knocks an enemy back whenever they use Focus Strike on her and will instantly restore 300 HP while increasing her damage reduction stats.

As well as her powerful healing abilities, Ziping can also easily hold her own in combat, whether it’s one-to-one in a solo match or alongside her teammates in co-op, making her a great support character to use in Naraka Bladepoint.

B-tier Naraka Bladepoint characters

Valda Cui

Valda Cui a character from Naraka Bladepoint
Valda Cui’s water mastery can easily stop enemies in their tracks

The queen of the seas, Valda Cui is Naraka: Bladepoints resident water wielder who can use her Haze skill to bind enemies, as well as buff melee attacks. This means combining the skill with weapons such as Katanas, Long Swords, and Spears can be effective for one on one damage.

Valda’s Ultimate, Nether Nightmare, is a strong reactionary tool that can act as a powerful counter to other ults and is great for crowd control. She’s a character that takes time and patience to learn but is rewarding to master. She isn’t the biggest damage dealer when played solo, so she’s often best utilized in a squad.

Justina Gu

An image of Justina Gu in Naraka Bladepoint.
Justina Gu has powerful ice skills.

Justina is a powerful fighter in Naraka Bladepoint who has a handful of Ice skills that can be used against enemies.

There’s a lot of variety in her abilities with the defensive leaning ‘Ice Shield’ that restores armor and increases damage reduction, and the Artic Wraith Ultimate which calls upon Icy Qi to knock back all surrounding enemies and freezes them on the spot.

There’s quite a high skill ceiling for Justina in Naraka Bladepoint but if you can master her she’ll be a great asset to most teams in the game.

Akos Hu

An image of Akos Hu in Naraka Bladepoint.
Akos Hu is a great aggressive playmaker in Naraka Bladepoint.

Akos Hu is a strong aggressive playmaker in Naraka Bladepoint. With some excellent damage and great mobility, he can easily dominate on the battlefield. If you’re someone who enjoys fast attackers who can dish out heavy damage, this could be the fighter for you.

Akos can use his speedy mobility to swiftly disorientate his enemies before following up with attacks including Roar which will strike the enemy and increase damage reduction, and his powerful Ultimate ‘Feral Frenzy’ that swiftly knocks enemies back.


Temulch Naraka
Temulch’s skills may not deal huge amounts of damage, but his zoning potential is great.

Telmuch uses his inner power to summon wind-based attacks, which he uses to displace and damage his foes. Zephyr Wisp sees Temulch leap into the air, summoning three Zephyr Wisp Wards.

These projectiles can then be hurled at his enemies and block incoming projectiles. Unlike other skills, Temulch can also use his Zephyrs when under attack. This is particularly useful when you need to make a quick getaway or poke a low-health enemy. 

Lastly, Zephyr Prison unleashes a tornado that slows all foes and blocks projectiles. While this ultimate may not have the same kill potential as Naraka’s top picks, it has great zoning potential.


Tianhai Naraka
Tianhai is a great all-round pick in Naraka: Bladepoint

At first glance, Tianhai may look like a relatively ordinary character but this humble monk is hiding an incredibly powerful secret. His skill, Divine Bell, enables Tianhai to resist physical attacks and block incoming projectiles, which is great if you find yourself getting constantly stunlocked by enemy combos. 

While Divine Bell can greatly disrupt the flow of any battle, it’s his terrifying ultimate that can quickly overpower even the best players. Titan’s Call enables the humble monk to transform into a monolithic giant, granting him the power to both grab and pulverize his enemies. 

Once Tianhai transforms into this mighty beast, there is often very little you can do. Instead, it’s best to tuck tail and run for the hills until his ultimate wears off. This is especially true if you wish to avoid becoming the titan’s tea!

C-tier Naraka Bladepoint characters


Kurumi is an essential pick for any squad looking to claim a victory.

Kurumi is Naraka: Bladepoints archetypal healer. Her skill, Binding Prayer, allows the life-saving hero to link up with a nearby teammate and continuously heal them. She can also use this skill to teleport to an ally, giving her great mobility options. 

The supportive hero’s ultimate, Sacred Circle, sees Kurumi unleash a large healing circle that both heals and cleanses allies every second. Whether you plan on playing solos or in a group, Kurumi is a great pick that will enable you to keep on fighting long after your healing resources have run dry. 

Takeda Nobutada

An image of Takeda in Naraka Bladepoint.
Takeda can grab enemy weapons.

Much like Akos Hu, Takeda is a character who has good mobility skills and is a good option for players who particularly enjoy more fast-paced combat.

The biggest draw Takeda has is his unique ability to grab enemies’ weapons, with this skill you can swiftly grab the opponent’s weapon and this can be followed up by a strong wave of aerial attacks. This ability makes Tekeda extremely effective at performing counterattacks.

So, there you have it, that’s our Naraka Bladepoint tier list. For more content on the game, check out our guides below:

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