GTA 5 Franklin actor reveals biggest request for GTA 6 and fans will love it

Shay Robson
GTA 5 Franklin voice actor Shawn Fonteno with GTA 6 mockup logo

Grand Theft Auto 5 Franklin voice actor Shawn Fonteno has revealed his biggest request of what he’d like to see in GTA 6, and it would likely be a massive fan favorite.

Fans of the Grand Theft Auto series have practically been left in the dark when it comes to the development of GTA 6, despite it being almost 10 years since GTA 5 was first released.

Other than Rockstar Games confirming the development on the next game was “well underway,” not much is known when it comes to what fans should expect in the next-gen title.

However, despite the scarce details, that hasn’t stopped eager players from suggesting ideas of what they’d like to see in GTA 6 – including Shawn Fonteno, the voice actor of Franklin adding his thoughts into the mix.

GTA 6 with franklin
Franklin is one of GTA 5’s three main protagonists.

While noting that rumors are pointing towards Rockstar Games heading back to Vice City for the next game, YouTuber SAY CHEESE asked for Fonteno’s thoughts and expectations for GTA 6 in a recent interview.

“Man I think GTA 6, it should be – they should merge it, man. I don’t care what age they are, whether they’re old now, they gotta bring them back. I think they should bring everyone back for this one little reunion,” said Shawn. “Make one big nice reunion for Grand Theft Auto where you can get on a plane and go to different areas.

“You can fly from Los Santos to Liberty City, to Vice City and you can go around and see what these old characters and catch up with them when they’re older age living the older life. Like if I could catch up with CJ, he’d be about 40 now, that’s still an age where you want to know what the f**k he’s doing.”

“I definitely want them to bring me back,” Fonteno admitted. “Sh*t bring me back, if I have my say bring me back!” Shawn continued by stating there was no option for Franklin to die in GTA 5, leaving opportunities open. “I can’t die in the game, you can’t kill me it’s not an option! You’ve got options A, B, or C. Kill Trevor, Michael, or nobody.”

The next entry in the series is already looking up to be the biggest ever, as it’s shaping up to be an insane “400-500 hour” experience, according to some claims.

However, fans still have a while to go until they can get their hands on GTA 6 as the leakers state they don’t see the game arriving before the end of 2024.

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