GTA 6 fans want big revamp to franchise’s Wanted system

GTA 6 wanted systemRockstar Games

With GTA 6 finally announced by Rockstar and the game under development, fans are clamoring for a big upgrade to one of the franchise’s most iconic features: the Wanted system.

Grand Theft Auto’s playground of fun features a variety of activities for its players. Aside from main story and side missions, players can buy new clothes, partake in races, go bowling with their cousins, and much more.

However, for many, nothing beats mowing down some random pedestrians and getting into a good old-fashioned police chase with players engaging in more mayhem to earn higher Wanted “star levels” – making escape all the more difficult.

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As Rockstar works on the next installment of GTA, players are pitching some of their own upgrades to the Wanted system for an enhanced form of realism not seen in other titles from the series.

GTA online character holding pistol to the skyRockstar Games
GTA fans are desperately awaiting the arrival of GTA 6.

GTA 6 could be amazing with this new Wanted system mechanic

In a post on the GTA 6 subreddit, user ‘rollingwaves’ suggested a new “core gameplay loop” that many agreed would be incredible for the upcoming game.

“Besides the obvious improvements like better graphics and physics, there are changes that could be made which drastically change the experience of committing crime, and the dynamics of being chased,” they explained.

“I’m picturing that committing serious crimes would begin a blood pumping sequence of events. The reactions to your crime would be visceral; people showing convincing fear, crowds backing away and scattering. Getting away would be difficult; once you have many stars, the police lock down the entire area like you’re the Boston Bomber,” they elaborated.

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GTA 6 heistRockstar Games
Will GTA 6 see a revamp to the Wanted system?

The user further detailed that this new Wanted feature would let players break into houses, take hostages and create a more dynamic, realistic experience with major consequences for one’s actions.

Redditors agreed with the idea, calling it “amazing.” Others felt that while the concept was good, they would like a difficulty setting and the ability to add a more arcadey-version of the mode in addition to a realistic one.

It’s not yet clear what Rockstar has up their sleeves for GTA 6, but hopefully, we learn a lot more in the months ahead now that development has finally been confirmed.

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