Dr Disrespect reveals when DEADROP will be in an “incredible spot”

Dr Disrespect next to DEADROPYT: Dr Disrespect / Midnight Society

YouTube streamer and mustache specialist Dr Disrespect has revealed when fans can expect his upcoming title DEADROP to be in an “incredible spot”, perhaps hinting at a release date for the Midnight Society title. 

Dr Disrespect’s history as a level designer on Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is well known, with the streaming giant always eager to bring his development expertise to the games he’s playing. 

Recently, though, he has gone further than contributing as a dev and has founded his own development studio Midnight Society. They are currently working on DEADROP, a vertical-extraction shooter that promises to innovate the FPS market. 

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While the Doc has previously outlined why he’s reluctant to delve into DEADROP details on streams, he revealed a vague timescale for the upcoming title and, in doing so, perhaps hinted at a launch date. 

Dr Disrespect claims DEADROP will be in an “incredible spot” in 18 months

Plenty of information about DEADROP has found its way out as of the time of writing, but release date details have been largely absent throughout. 

However, in an October 21 livestream, the mustached maverick might have pointed to when we can expect it. 

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A discussion about Modern Warfare 2’s Campaign turned into a conversation about DEADROP, with the Doc revealing when fans can expect the Midnight Society title to be in an “incredible spot”.

“DEADROP’s gonna take a little while,” he said. “Like a year, a year and a half – where we think it’ll be in an incredible spot. You know? In the sense of people see the vision, the bigger design, the bigger scope of this game and the platform.” 

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Timestamp: 58:43 

While much can change in the development process – and almost certainly will – eighteen months would take us to early 2024, around springtime. An “incredible spot” doesn’t necessarily mean ready for release, but it should take Midnight Society close.

He continued: “I’m actually really excited about DEADROP. It’s a nice little journey and it’ll be fun to see how it all evolves.” 

According to the Doc, it’s all about ensuring the game is as “polished” as can be. Midnight Society will likely be keen to avoid putting a concrete date on things too early, but the timescale offered means we can expect more details soon. 

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