Dr Disrespect reveals big reason he won’t talk about Deadrop on stream

Dr Disrespect talking about Deadrop on stream.YouTube: DrDisrespect

Dr Disrespect is not only one of the biggest streamers in the world, but he’s also the founder of Midnight Society, the development team behind upcoming vertical extraction shooter Deadrop.

Doc’s position as the face of the company combined with the high accessibility to fans as a content creator means he’s in a unique spot in relation to Deadrop, the game being developed by the studio he founded. Avoiding questions about the progress of the game is impossible.

Still though, the Two-Time doesn’t talk too much about the development process for Deadrop, and now he has revealed exactly why that’s the case.

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Dr Disrespect reveals why he doesn’t discuss Deadrop on stream

There are updates every day behind the scenes, but the superstar streamer believes that it’s best in the long run to let the experts handle the decision making in that regard.

“Let’s let the marketing team let it unfold…and the Two-Time is right here. I can talk about it in every stream if you want me to, but sometimes it’s kind of fun to just let this one slide under a little bit and keep it as a surprise.”

Doc went on to say that development has entered into a new stage where they’re upgrading the “barebones” version of movement that was seen in the first snapshots, and that they’ll be figuring out how to polish things up in the coming days.

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The head honcho also teased that the remaining three preview events won’t be the only time that fans get to see the game on display, noting that there are bigger events to look forward to.

While we don’t know too much about what these bigger events entail, the Doc gave us a slight teaser about what upcoming content for Deadrop might look like.

“We’ve got Snapshots that are coming up and then we got like a bigger pipeline, and there’s a few in there that are like…pretty exciting stuff in my opinion.”