Dr Disrespect wants to make Advanced Warfare 2 maps, but on one condition

Dr Disrespect sat talking to camera in front of Advanced Warfare characterYouTube/Dr Disrespect

Streaming star Dr Disrespect is open to making maps for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare 2 amid rumors that it’s in development. Though, he’s got one condition for his involvement.

Even though Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 isn’t even out, some CoD fans are looking to the future and what might come following the first-ever two-year cycle for a game in the modern era.

Recent rumors suggest that a follow-up to 2014’s Advanced Warfare, aptly named Advanced Warfare 2 could be in development. However, there is plenty of split information on that front.

YouTube star Dr Disrepect, who worked on some of the maps for the original game, is excited by the prospect of having another Call of Duty title focused around jetpacks after a few years of boots-on-the-ground games. And, he’d even be willing to get back to making maps if he was called upon.

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Dr Disrespect would make maps for Advanced Warfare 2

The Two-Time touched on the rumors during his October 5 stream, where he revealed his excitement for it all, suggesting that Advanced Warfare is the way to go for the next installment.

He revisited a few of the maps he designed too, prompting fans to ask if he’d get back in the saddle and make a few more for Sledgehammer Games. “Hey, you know what, if the flip phone rang and they said something like hey you want to design a map? I’d be all for it man,” Doc answered.

The streaming star further added that he’d do it, but not if they asked him to make a follow-up to Sideshow – a Clown-themed map that he described as Advanced Warfare’s answer to Nuketown.

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While his answers might excite a few fans, The Doc and Call of Duty aren’t exactly buddy-buddy at the moment.

The Two-Time has repeatedly hit at them for apparently ‘copying’ a character from his upcoming DEADROP game, as well as no longer being a CoD Partner with early access to Warzone 2. Though, who knows if that’ll change for a nostalgia trip.