Dr Disrespect explains why Season Two won’t save ‘draining’ Warzone 2

Dr Disrespect next to Ashika Island image from Warzone 2.0YT: Dr Disrespect / Activision

YouTube streamer and mustache researcher Dr Disrespect has explained why he doubts the upcoming Season Two will save Warzone 2, as his criticism of the CoD battle royale continues. 

Season Two of Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2 promises to shake up much that has been established in the first season of post launch content. 

The devs’ pledge to listen to community feedback looks like it will be borne out, with the 2v2 Gulag being removed in favor of a 1v1 environment, as well as major looting changes to make the whole experience quicker and easier. 

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One of the more vocal critics of Warzone 2 to this point has been Dr Disrespect. Among other things, he has blasted the game for being designed for “brainless gamers” and lacking features that make Apex Legends superior.

Now, he’s explained why he doesn’t believe Season Two will be enough to save it, despite the anticipation it’s generated. 

Dr Disrespect thinks Warzone 2 can’t be saved

After a quick elimination, the Doc lamented the “snooze fest” that is Warzone 2, before explaining that WZ2’s overall “vision” and “design route” is why he’s worried, even with Season 2’s changes.

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“Snooze fest,” he said. “I know. I know… You can’t drain me anymore from this game. I don’t think the patch fixes that much. In terms of interest. I think we’ll come back, get a little excited and then it just dies out real quick. I just don’t see this game working. I don’t believe [in] the design route or vision or whatever they’re trying to do.” 

Timestamp: 8:42

He went on to describe Treyarch as “my guys”, praising their installments in the CoD series, the next of which is expected in fall 2024. 

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Season Two of Warzone 2 was originally expected on February 1, but a two-week delay pushed it back to February 15.