Dr Disrespect reveals cross-platform plans for DEADROP and hints at release window

Dr Disrespect inside DEADROP mapDr Disrespect/Midnight Society

Dr Disrespect has revealed that his DEADROP game is planning to be cross-platform with a AAA launch, as he’s also offered a hint at when it might release. 

Whenever he has a problem with a game or a dev studio, Dr Disrespect doesn’t really hold back with his opinions as he’ll be as brutal as can be with his rants. 

The former Call of Duty map designer has repeatedly been urged by fans to put his money where his mouth is and make a game of his. Well, he’s doing that with DEADROP – a vertical extraction shooter that has been playable in ‘snapshots’ for some PC owners. 

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With it being The Doc’s game, plenty of his fans want to try their hand at it, and see if it’s as good as he is hyping it up to be. Well, it seems as if everyone will get the chance to experience it, but the wait is going to go on a little while longer. 

Dr Disrespect hints at 2024 release for DEADROP

The Two-Time hasn’t shown too much of DEADROP off recently, but was quizzed about the game during his January 18 stream, as one viewer asked if it’ll be available on PlayStation 5. 

“Will DEADROP be on PS5? We would like to assume,” The Doc answered. “The plan is to go cross-platform, PS5, Xbox, PC, you know.”

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The YouTube streaming star suggested that it might take another year to get to that point though. “When it comes to the year 2024, or you know, when the game is getting close, we’d like to assume that we’re locked into a triple-A launch, cross-platform etc.”

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As noted, to this point, only early founder members of Doc and the Midnight Society studio have been able to play the game. 

Reviews have been somewhat mixed, with the Two-Time coming under fire for how it looks compared to how he’s hyped it up and seemingly only having one map. Though, there’s still plenty of time for changes it seems.

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