Dr Disrespect reveals behind the scenes of being added to NBA 2K23

an image of dr disrespect in nba 2k23YouTube: Dr Disrespect, 2K

Streaming superstar Dr Disrespect is featured in NBA 2K23, and now, The Doc has shared how this dream crossover became a reality.

It’s no secret that Dr Disrespect is a basketball fiend. Growing up with a passion for sport, The Doc played in NCAA Division II before he would work briefly for CoD developer Sledgehammer Games in the future.

While Dr Disrespect may have taken up streaming full-time, his love for the sport still rages on. Now, players can meet The Doc themselves…sort of.

Appearing in NBA 2K23 with an array of quests for players to solve on their way to stardom, the streamer has given his viewers an insight into this collaboration.

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Dr Disrespect shares his experience with NBA 2K23 devs

Speaking on his YouTube channel, The Doc shared extensive gameplay of NBA 2K23 within the video ‘I did MOTION CAPTURE to be in this NEW VIDEOGAME’.

The Doc began by saying “to be in NBA 2K23, the basketball game. How sick is this?” After skipping the initial story segments to get straight into the game, he made quick work of replicating his NPC within the game’s character creator.

On the experience of getting into the game itself, The Doc explained that “I know we did some motion capture for like jump-shots and a couple of celebrations. I don’t know if they’re in though.”

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“I gotta tell you about the whole motion capture experience, I got in one of those suits, y’know the one that Devin Brooker was in,” continued The Doc.

“Where they record all the animations for their prominent superstars and that kinda stuff, they have like two big huge, massive motion capture arenas.”

While the CoD streamer has been having a blast within the game, his initial steps towards basketball greatness didn’t go as planned.