Dr Disrespect reveals why Activision stripped his Call of Duty partnership

Dr Disrespect call of duty headerTwitter: DrDisrespect / Activision

During an Apex Legends stream, Dr Disrespect revealed to his viewers why he thinks Activision no longer wants to work with him.

Dr Disrespect is a streamer known for playing First Person Shooters, with one of his biggest games being Call of Duty Warzone.

Unfortunately, according to the streamer, his relationship with publisher Activision has apparently deteriorated over the years.

Now, Dr Disrespect has revealed the reason why he lost his Call of Duty partnership during a recent Apex Legends stream.

Dr Disrespect speaks about Activision partnership

While playing Apex Legends with CouRage and Apex streamer niko1f, Dr Disrespect revealed he “found out why…Activision doesn’t want to work with ‘The Doc.'”

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Dr Disrespect claimed that “according to [Activision]” the reason why the publisher no longer wants to partner with the streamer is because he “talks too much trash about Call of Duty.”

While the streamer is certainly not shy about voicing his criticism of Warzone’s flaws, he thinks it’s unfair that this is the apparent reason for the loss of their partnership.

“It makes me think: I mean, how many people talk trash about Call of Duty? How many times have I complimented the game? How long have I been working with the franchise? For years and years and years.”

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He goes on to make an analogy about how synonymous the franchise is with his persona, saying that “everyone knows that COD spelled backward is ‘doc’ and ‘doc’ spelled backward is COD, right? It’s in the blood.”

The Doc goes on to call the Activision a “bunch of phonies,” even agreeing with one member of chat who noted he wasn’t a “sellout” and stated that “that’s true, they do look for sellouts. That’s for sure.”

Still, the streamer was adamant about continuing to voice his actual opinions on the franchise despite the loss of the partnership.

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“I’ve done it just because I passionately love the game and I ain’t changing nothing. I ain’t changing how I feel. What, am I supposed to completely sell out my whole soul? Hell no, man. I say how it is.”

While Dr Disrespect doesn’t have high hopes of working closely with Activision in the future, it seems he’s still going to keep up with Call of Duty for the time being.