xQc responds to Dr Disrespect’s offer to meet at Lakers vs Warriors NBA playoffs game

xQc in blue shirt alongside Dr DisrespectxQc/Dr Disrespect

Dr Disrespect wants to join xQc at the Los Angeles vs Golden State Warriors NBA Playoffs series after the Twitch star’s last appearance at a game went viral.

If you’ve ever turned into a Dr Disrespect stream, you’ve probably heard him talking about his athletic background and basketball at some point. 

The Two-Time is a former Division 2 college athlete, has appeared in the NBA 2K franchise, and, as a big fan of the NBA’s Golden State Warriors, has appeared courtside a few times. And yes, he attends games in the same signature outfit that he appears on stream in

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With the Warriors progressing past the Sacramento Kings and into the Western Conference semi-finals, they’ll meet the Lakers – xQc’s local team. The former Overwatch star has already gone viral for how he sat on a chair at a recent game and for meeting Anthony Davis, and the Doc wants to get involved. 

Dr Disrespect wants to watch Lakers vs Warriors with xQc

Prior to the Warrior’s Game 7 win in Sacramento, The Two-Time had a stream where he was asked about the playoffs and if he’d seen xQc sitting courtside for the Lakers game. 

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After making his prediction for a Warriors win – which ended up happening – he tossed an idea out to the Twitch star. “Might have to get feet on the floor. I think xQc and The Two-Time, feet on the floor,” he said. 

Though, the Doc has no intention of paying to join xQc at courtside. “He (xQc) has to buy them though,” he added. 

His idea did catch the eye of xQc, who has already revealed that he’ll be at Game 3 of the series and sitting courtside. 

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Sadly, the Canadian streamer said he has no idea if The Two-Time will show up at the same game. 

The pair have met in person at TwitchCon previously, and it’s always a fun time when they collab. So, fans will be hoping something happens between them.

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