Dr Disrespect’s first shot playing as himself in NBA 2K23 didn’t go to plan

dr disrespect basketball nba 2k23 headerTwitter: @DrDisrespect / 2K Games

Dr Disrespect streamed NBA 2K23 to celebrate his inclusion in the game’s MyCareer mode, but his early gameplay didn’t go so well.

For those who may have missed it, the most recent installment in 2K Games’ NBA 2K franchise, NBA 2K23, was released on September 9, 2022.

To celebrate both the game’s launch and the inclusion of his own themed cosmetic items in the game, popular streamer Dr Disrespect took the day to stream the game.

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Unfortunately for Doc, his early gameplay fully kitted out in his own in-game attire didn’t go as smoothly as he hoped.

Dr Disrepect botches first NBA 2K23 shot

Dr Disrespect opened his stream with the character customizer, creating a Power Forward with his ideal stats.

His build included a fully modeled version of the streamer, including his trademark mustache and all.

After finalizing his character he went into an online match with other players and waited for his turn to jump in on the court.

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Unfortunately, Doc’s first shot on the court did not go to plan, as his teammate immediately set him up for a shot only to get brutally rejected by another player.

The streamer shook it off, saying “I mean, don’t look for me for the shot, man.”

Trying to get back in the game, Doc instead tried to go for a dunk but was once again rejected by a player on the other team.

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While Dr Disrespect’s first game evened out a bit after those early flubs, he wasn’t quite able to snag a win with his first game of NBA 2K23. However, the streamer was happy with his current player build.

“We went in here wanting to become a threat on the defensive end…be sort of a true Power Forward. I mean, you saw the whole stat line — that’s 14 rebounds, baby,” he said

Despite his first game of NBA 2K23 not going as well as he would have liked, it seems as though the two-time was thrilled to be represented in-game among some of the best basketball players around.

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