Dr Disrespect slams Call of Duty for focusing on skins instead of gameplay

Michael Gwilliam
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Popular YouTuber Dr Disrespect is putting Call of Duty and other modern video games on blast for devoting so much time and money to skins over gameplay.

Dr Disrespect has never been one to shy away from revealing how he truly feels about the gaming industry and took aim at Call of Duty during a recent broadcast.

Call of Duty has been really upping its crossover game in recent years, collabing with rappers such as Snoop Dogg and Nicki Minaj and other series to release some fan-favorite crossover skins.

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However, not everyone appreciates these new cosmetics, with Dr Disrespect arguing that too many games have focused on skins instead of titles that advance the gaming medium as a whole.

Dr Disrespect says video games focus too much on cosmetics

During a recent YouTube stream, Dr Disrespect brought up CoD’s Spawn skin, suggesting that Activision spent a small fortune to have the comic character in the game.

“How much do you think it cost them to get Spawn in there? Like a million or something? And then they put the production into that video. They’re making high-level production video pieces on new skins in the game!” he frustratedly remarked.

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(segment begins at 27:00)

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The two-time was surprised by this, further commenting how he was shocked that people enjoy skin reveals that much.

“The state of this industry, I don’t know where we’re at, man. It’s not what I grew up with. It was literally about playing the games and the fun aspect of interacting with games, but now people are getting hyped off high-production video pieces. We need to bring the culture of this industry back,” he added.

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Doc went on to say that, while single-player games and RPGs are thriving and possibly the “best it’s ever been,” it feels like too much is being wasted on cosmetics and not enough talent is being used on the multiplayer front.

“Where is my thousand-man BR in a game that looks like Cyberpunk at this state?” he exclaimed.

With Dr Disrespect’s own studio Midnight Society working on its own extraction shooter, we’ll have to see if Deadrop can deliver and be the breath of fresh air Doc wants.

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