Dr Disrespect responds to DEADROP vs 100 Thieves Project X game: “Don’t compare us”

YouTube: Dr Disrespect

Streaming star Dr Disrespect has responded to early comparisons between his game DEADROP and 100 Thieves’ Project X after early gameplay was revealed by 100 Thieves. 

When it comes to criticizing video games, Dr Disrespect isn’t shy in letting you know his true thoughts about things. The Two-Time will often refer to his time as a developer on Call of Duty and reveal how he’d do things differently. 

He’s also put his money where his mouth is, working on a vertical-extraction shooter known as DEADROP for the Midnight Society studio. Though, he’s not the only one. 

100 Thieves have also started dipping their toe into the game development world, revealing that they’re working on their own game – currently known as Project X

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Dr Disrespect’s DEADROP and 100 Thieves Project X compared

Even though details are thin on the ground about 100 Thieves’ offering, they have revealed some early gameplay after a number of their content creators and esport athletes got their hands on it. 

With the internet abuzz about it, there were naturally some comparisons with Doc’s game – even though he is a bit further down the line, but not close to a full release just yet. 

“Don’t compare us to them, please Jakey pooh,” the Two-Time said, responding to Jake Lucky. “We’re on a whole other level over here. Trust me, in the end you’ll see.”

The two games are clearly a while away from releasing but given that 100 Thieves and The Doc orbit each other through social media and streams, comparisons will likely continue. 

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While 100 Thieves have kept things under wraps so far, the Two-Time hasn’t been shy in showing parts of his project off. He’s shown off three different ‘snapshots’ so far but believes the game will be in an “incredible spot” in a year’s time.

At the end of the day, however, fans will just have to be patient on both fronts.