Dr Disrespect reveals “multi-million dollar idea” to balance aim assist in his game

Alex Tsiaoussidis

In response to a fan begging him not to put aim assist in Midnight Society’s Project Moon game, Dr Disrespect revealed his “multi-million dollar idea” to balance it in an innovative way.

In December 2021, the two-time launched his very own game development studio, Midnight Society. A few months later, he also revealed the first game they’re working on, a vertical battle royale called Project Moon.

There’s been a lot of hype surrounding it ever since, particularly among members of the Champion’s Club. Doc has remained tight-lipped about its details. However, that hasn’t stopped fans from asking about it.

Midnight Society’s first title will be a vertical battle royale.

For example, one fan begged him to make sure the game doesn’t include aim assist. After all, Doc has made his feelings well known in the past. However, he believes it’s necessary, saying: “You’ve got to have a little bit of aim assist, right?

“I’m not going to have these controller players running around just getting absolutely destroyed by PC players,” he added. Although, he admitted it would be “kind of funny” to watch them scuttle about in fear.

Then, he revealed his “multi-million dollar idea” to keep things balanced.

“I should add a limited-time mode where the aim-assist is turned off on controllers. So, you’re put at a complete disadvantage to these hotshot PC gamers.

“But if you’re on a controller, and that’s the path you’re going to take in this mode with no aim-assist, you have the ability to get more experience, rare loot, to be able to progress your character a lot faster. Something like that.”

The relevant part of the video begins at 26:30.

So, it seems like the two-time is more than just the master of violence, speed, and momentum. He’s also a profound source of innovation when it comes to game design, and it could help his game stand out from the rest.

As for when it will release, no official date has been set yet. However, considering the Founders Pass is now active, there’s a chance we’ll see an alpha or beta test sometime in the near future — perhaps even next year.

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