Dr Disrespect explains why the gaming industry “needs” Bungie’s Marathon

Michael Gwilliam
dr disrespect praises marathon

Dr Disrespect was impressed with Bungie’s reboot of the classic Marathon game revealed at the PlayStation Showcase.

Bungie surprised everyone when they announced Marathon as their next big game – a sci-fi PvP extraction shooter that is drawing some comparisons to Doc’s upcoming Deadrop title from his studio Midnight Society.

After watching the teaser trailer and the rest of the games shown off at the event, Doc took some time to read up a bit more about Marathon on its website.

The ever-confident two-time was even a bit surprised that Marathon merchandise was already available, something he called “cocky” but soon admitted that he liked the studio’s confidence in the game.

Dr Disrespect says the game industry “needs” games like Marathon

When a fan pointed out that the game will be multiplayer-focused – something confirmed in an interview with the devs, Doc couldn’t help but voice his approval.

“Good. We need large-scale multiplayer games,” he said. “Something at Triple A levels.”

Dr Disrespect has been pushing about the need for alternatives in the FPS multiplayer space for quite some time while frequently bashing games such as Call of Duty Warzone.

(segment begins at 4:53:02)

As for whether or not Doc felt threatened by PlayStation’s latest offerings, it doesn’t seem like the two-time is fazed. When asked if the gaming industry was “saved,” Dr Disrespect had an interesting take.

“I think there are some opportunities. I think there are some big opportunities,” the banned Twitch streamer remarked.

We’ll have to see what the future holds, especially as Doc prepares to launch his own game to compete with the other blockbusters on the market. For now, anyway, while he has respect for Marathon, he doesn’t seem to concerned that it will compete with Deadrop.

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