Dr Disrespect under fire for “nothing else to play” Warzone rant

Dr Disrespect

Dr. Disrespect and some other content creators have been vocal about their distaste for the current gaming landscape, and gamers are panning them for their takes.

Dr. Disrespect has a history of playing all sorts of games on stream. While he mainly plays battle royale games and other competitive multiplayer titles, he sometimes ventures into single player games like the Callisto Protocol.

Recently, his rant about there being “nothing else to play” while playing Warzone 2 has gained some traction on Twitter, with gamers deciding whether or not his take holds some merit.

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Many gamers have blasted the Doc for his take, citing the argument that he should just “play more than one game”.

Dr Disrespect under fire for mid-game Warzone rant

New games are constantly being announced and released, with an event like the Game Awards showcasing what’s next for gaming.

While those games aren’t out yet, it does reflect the ever-changing nature of the industry. Modern Warfare 2 hasn’t even been out for two months yet at the time of writing.

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And yet, it seems like some content creators still aren’t satisfied with the current gaming landscape. This take has put them in some hot water with gamers across Twitter.

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In reply to the Doc, one Twitter user pointed out all the recent reveals as proof that there’s a ton of variety in the industry.

“The Game Awards revealed Hades 2, a storybook themed Bayonetta game, a return to Armored Core, a new game by the old Bioshock devs, and a game where you play as a cat in a post apocalyptical world won multiple awards. For the love of god, play more than one game.”

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Meanwhile, Dr Disrespect has played many games on stream, and is looking to play Splatoon 3 following its Best Multiplayer Game win at the Game Awards.

Maybe the Doc’s opinion will change soon once he gets his hands on some other games, but he isn’t the only one down on newer titles like Modern Warfare 2. Especially with many players reporting that there are cheaters running around and ruining games.

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