Dr Disrespect explains how Deadrop will use Midnight Society Founders Pass NFTs in-game

Eleni Thomas
Deadrop variants

Dr Disrespect has revealed new details on what the future of his game Deadrop will look like and how dev team Midnight Society plans to honor NFTs directly in-game in 2023.

In a brand new video, content creator Dr Disrespect revealed the most extensive look yet at what players can expect from Deadrop, including a rundown of what the next year will look like in regard to content output and NFTs in-game.

“Over the course of the last year, we built a team from the ground up. Pulling in talent from every major first-person shooter franchise in the last decade to create a new type of shooter and to do it openly from day zero. With our players that we call variants.” 

After ample playtesting from members of the community, the dev team is now looking ahead to “expand on the foundation in 2023. Every snapshot will introduce significant new features and iterations to the game.”

One such feature is the in-game acknowledgment of Founders Pass NFTs.

Back before Deadrop even had its name, Midnight Society controversially launched Founders Pass NFTs. At the time, these NFTs provided exclusive access to early builds of the game along with initial developer discussions. Upon being minted, they also granted each owner a custom ‘Variant’ with unique cyberpunk-themed artwork.

While many owners displayed their custom variants on Twitter, they’ll soon be able to show off their one-of-a-kind designs directly in Deadrop. In 2023, players will be able to “display their Visor Cortex in-game for the very first time,” Dr Disrespect announced in the February 6 update.

Deadrop will also be introducing new features such as consumable healing as well as tactical throwables such as smoke grenades. Six new fully completed weapons are also being brought in, with 13 attachments available to customize these new weapons however you please.

Doc then wrapped up the reveal video by explaining when and how players will get their paws on this new content.

“You can go hands-on, March 17, 2023. Meet me in Texas and show me what you’ve got because after this, everything changes and there will be more than just variants dropping in.”