Dr Disrespect explains how Battlefield 6 could compete with Warzone

Dr Disrespect talking and a character from battlefieldDr Disrespect/EA

Streaming star Dr Disrespect has explained why he’s excited for the rumored Battlefield 6 battle royale mode and believes that they won’t repeat what happened with Firestorm. 

Even though the battle royale market has been around for a while, the success of Call of Duty’s Warzone has prompted pretty of chatter about similar game following their path.

Battlefield 5 did so with the Firestorm mode, and while it was pretty popular at first, a lack of support and other games releasing prompted players to go elsewhere.

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With Battlefield 6 in development, and set to release before 2021 is done, there have been rumors about a second Battlefield-themed BR mode that learns from the mistakes of Firestorm, and it has Dr Disrespect interested.

Battlefield 5 firestormDICE attempted to create a battle royale style mode in Battlefield 5 called Firestorm.

The Doc has been playing battle royale’s since H1z1 and PUBG were the cream of the crop, and despite his frustrations with Warzone he continues to stick to that.

During his April 9 stream, where Warzone was annoying him yet again, The Two-Time spoke about his excitement for a fresh Battlefield experience. “I am excited for Battlefield’s BR,” he said, noting that a battle royale has to happen because of the success of Warzone.

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“Firestorm, that was like a pre, pre, pre barebones alpha, lets get something out there, we won’t support it at all and that’s exactly what they did,” Doc added, saying it was just a tester for the future. “I have a feeling that they’re going to really bring it for this next Battlefield, and it’s going to be fast, explosive.”

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The YouTube streamer continued on, noting that vehicles play a big role in Battlefield but he wasn’t sure how they would affect a second attempt at making a battle royale mode.

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He further complimented Dice’s skills at making big maps for Battlefield’s multiplayer mode, but again wondered how they’d balance the wide array of vehicles that they typically use.

Given that the mode is solely a rumor now, and we haven’t seen anything, there’s no telling if Doc will be right. However, if Battlefield does bring a battle royale mode that takes players away from Warzone, it would only stoke the ever-raging Call of Duty vs Battlefield fire.

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