Dr Disrespect thinks Warzone could be bad for CDL viewership

Dr Disrespect next to CoD LeagueYT: DrDisrespect / Activision

Dr Disrespect has explained how he thinks Warzone may actually hurt the viewership of the Call of Duty League, suggesting its popularity is detracting from Black Ops Cold War. 

While Call of Duty’s first battle royale, Black Ops 4’s Blackout, received mixed reviews, Warzone’s first year has been an undeniable success. It has been confirmed to have upwards of 75 million players and, despite issues with cheating and some invasive glitches, continues to attract a massive audience on Twitch and YouTube.

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However, streaming giant Dr Disrespect has suggested that Warzone’s success might actually be hindering the Call of Duty League and this year’s installment, Black Ops Cold War.

Warzone 75 million playersActivision
Warzone has had over 75 million players.

During a March 26 YouTube stream, the Doc explained how Warzone has impacted his desire to play Black Ops Cold War, and how this could be affecting engagement and viewership of the professional Call of Duty League.

Asked by a viewer whether he’ll be playing Black Ops Cold War multiplayer, Doc replied: “It’s kinda weird. Usually when a new Call of Duty comes you just transition to the next one… it’s weird because it’s not a bad game. It’s just not enough for me to leave Warzone, plain and simple. The experience of Warzone, in comparison to playing Cold War multiplayer, I get way more enjoyment playing this [WZ].”

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Topic starts at 48:10

“It kinda puts the CoD league in an interesting position in terms of viewership and momentum towards their game,” he continued. “I think it’s pretty important that whatever this change is for Warzone that it does something to capture what Cold War is, so they can tie the two together, so there’s more cohesiveness there.”

The change Doc is referring to is the highly anticipated Nuke Event, the event many believe will lead to a new map set in the Ural Mountains, which will permanently replace Verdansk.

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Whatever the changes made, the two-time believes it needs a clear focus on Black Ops Cold War to ensure that Treyarch’s 2020 title is not completely forgotten in favor of Warzone.