Battlefield 6 leaks claim Warzone-like battle royale coming in 2021

Battlefield 6 Warzone Free-to-Play Battle Royale Mode With LogoEA / Activision

A survey sent to the EA community and new insider leaks have revealed more information about Battlefield 6, suggesting that the highly anticipated battle royale mode set to compete with Warzone is coming in 2021.

Prior to its release in March 2019, Battlefield fans had high expectations for the franchise’s first battle royale mode: Firestorm. After release, however, the game mode quickly fell into obscurity as players dealt with numerous bugs and simply gravitated back to more established BRs.

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As EA began releasing small tidbits of information on Battlefield 6, the first release in the franchise since 2018, fans were quick to speculate on whether or not the publisher, and developer DICE, would try their hand at another BR game mode or leave Firestorm in the past.

Rumors have continued to circulate on whether or not the new game will include a BR mode. Now, a survey sent to some fans and new insider leaks have strongly hinted that EA is indeed planning to release a new free-to-play battle royale alongside Battlefield 6 in 2021.

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Battlefield V FirestormEA
Despite missing the mark with Firestorm, it seems EA has plans to release another BR experience alongside Battlefield 6.

In a video posted to YouTube, content creator ‘Lossy’ shared new details on a survey sent to the EA community about the next Battlefield title, including several questions related to a free-to-play game mode, evolving maps, and a battle pass — all core components of the BR ecosystem.

The survey specifically asked players about their level of interest in features like a free-to-play game mode, parts of existing map(s) changing over time, and a progression system to unlock cosmetic items via both free and paid options.

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Anyone familiar with the major players in the battle royale space — Warzone, Apex Legends, and Fortnite — will already see the similarities between game systems present in those titles, and what features the survey sent to EA fans proposed.

A day after Lossy’s video released, a post was shared on the game’s subreddit that claimed an individual had been in contact with “someone on the inside [of the team working on Battlefield 6].” This leaker claimed that a free-to-play battle royale will launch alongside Battlefield 6.

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The user shared that the BR will include various game types supporting up to 128 players and three confirmed maps so far: Wake Island, Metro, and Locker. The post also confirmed that environmental destruction will be coming the BR in various small and large-scale formats.

Another interesting detail revealed by the leaker revolved around the BR’s place in the larger Battlefield ecosystem. According to the post, the battle royale game mode will function as a hub for “most, if not all, previous Battlefield titles,” — similar to Warzone and Call of Duty.

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According to the Redditor, content from older Battlefield titles (going as far back as Battlefield 1942 and Battlefield 3) will not only be accessible through the BR mode, but can be combined to allow players the freedom to access weapons and items from multiple titles in a single match.

While none of this has been officially confirmed by EA or DICE at the time of writing, a moderator from r/Battlefield6 said that the poster “provided proof” they had been in direct contact with someone who has insider knowledge of the game.

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“I cannot verify if the information in this post is legit,” the mod warned, “[but] I can verify that OP has had contact with someone close to the game.” As the information was vetted before being shared, these leaks do seem to reveal plenty of official information about the BR mode.

As previously stated, Electronic Arts and DICE have not issued any official statements on Battlefield 6’s free-to-play game mode, or responded to these leaks at the time of writing. We will make sure to provide updates on their response, and any additional information that becomes available.

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