Dr Disrespect calls for a new game that is “built for streaming”

Julian Young
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Well-known content creator and personality Dr Disrespect shared his thoughts on the state of the gaming industry via Twitter, calling it a nightmare and wondering when the next game that is built for streaming will release.

2020 was full of high-profile releases, with games like Black Ops Cold War and Valorant making their debut. There are some scheduled for 2021 – like Halo Infinite and the next (unannounced) Call of Duty – but there are far less than what was confirmed at the start of the year before.

With so few titles confirmed to drop this year, fans have been left wondering what they can expect. Streamers and YouTubers are also on the lookout too, especially for exciting new games they can add to their content rotation.

Among the creators wondering what the next game-changing title will be is powerhouse YouTube streamer Dr Disrespect. Always on the lookout for the next big thing to share with his fanbase, he issued a tweet on January 10 asking when the next industry-shaker will arrive.

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Dr Disrespect bases his content around popular titles like Call of Duty Warzone, Apex Legends, and Escape from Tarkov.

The Doc started his tweet in his classic over-the-top fashion, referring to the current offering of games as a “nightmare.” The Two-Time continued by wondering when the industry would provide the next exciting experience for content creators to sink their teeth into.

“Where are the new games at? Where’s the next BR, the next big FPS, the game built for streaming?” he asked. The entertainer went on to reference the massive scale of the industry, which brought in more than 100 billion dollars of revenue over the course of 2020. “120 billion dollar industry.”

Dr Disrespect is not alone in his desire for an exciting new title that he can share with his audience. Dozens of his fellow creators responded to the tweet, wondering when the next breakthrough game would be released and which developer would be the one to do it.

Twitch streamer and YouTuber NICKMERCS responded to the tweet by pointing to Halo Infinite as the next big thing for streamers to share with fans. In his response, he tagged the official Halo Twitter account and asked them “the f**k u doin bros”.

Facebook Gaming streamer King Richard responded with his own concerns about the lack of enjoyable titles currently available. “Almost every game right now is broken and full of cheaters! We got new consoles and we still waiting on the next big thing,” he exclaimed.

King Richard appears to share NICKMERCS’ hope that the new Halo title might be the spark the streaming space needs. “Halo maybe? Or maybe some game that hits out of nowhere like apex!” he concluded, referring to how Apex Legends took the gaming world by storm in 2019.

Other popular streaming personalities like dakotaz and TSM’s Halifax voiced their agreement as well. The larger gaming community also seemed to share Doc’s opinion, and responses like “It’s a SNOOZEFEST out there” and “Couldn’t agree more doc” filled the replies to his tweet.

While the list of announced games for the coming year seems less jam-packed than 2020, there could be a big surprise or two that players are simply unaware of. In the meantime, Dr Disrespect will have to wait and see if someone can provide the new streamable experience he is looking for in 2021.

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