Dream gives his final response to Minecraft speedrun cheating drama

Julian Young
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The Minecraft community has been in an uproar since YouTuber ‘Dream’ was accused of cheating during his 1.16 speedrun. Now, the YouTuber has voiced his final thoughts on the allegations and their impact on his channel moving forward.

On December 11, 2020 the Minecraft speedrunning mod team released a YouTube video accusing popular content creator Dream of cheating. The video described how after reviewing Dream’s 1.16 submission, several events in the speedrun appeared to be statistically impossible.

The content creator hit back at the accusations on social media, and later released his own video rebuttal that explained how the allegations were incorrect. The YouTuber even hired an astrophysicist from consulting company Photoexcitation to help disprove the mod team’s claims.

The Minecraft community quickly took sides, with Dream’s supporters, critics, and even other Minecraft creators weighing in on the drama in their own posts and videos. After a month of constant debate, Dream reached out via Twitter to offer his final thoughts on the situation.

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Several rounds of Twitter and Reddit threads, along with YouTube videos, have been posted by each side of the Dream cheating drama.

In the first of two Twitter threads, Dream began by discussing some of the statistical disagreements between the mod team and the astrophysicist he hired. After going over the most recent arguments from each side, he switched gears to his closing thoughts on the matter.

“I don’t want to argue anymore about whether I cheated or not, because there’s not much I can say,” he started off. “I’m sure most people have formed their opinion at this point,” Dream went on, referencing how the community seems to have largely made up their minds on the drama.

The YouTuber also confirmed that he intends to stay active in Minecraft speedrunning, saying “I still love the community and want to help in any way I can.” The creator voiced his support for both his fellow speedrunners and the mod team, despite the allegations made against him.

In his final tweets regarding the drama, Dream acknowledged how much the events had affected the Minecraft community as a whole. The YouTuber also admitted that his response to the initial allegations added to the tense situation, and said he “take[s] full responsibility for that.”

Dream wrapped up his thoughts with one final statement: “This will be my final tweets regarding it I believe, so I just want to say that I love you guys and I’m looking forward to everything in the future :)” and it appears the creator intends to put the matter behind him moving forward.

While the YouTuber is trying to move past the cheating allegations – and continues to maintain he did not alter his 1.16 run in any unacceptable ways –  it remains to be seen how this might affect his future speedrun submissions and the position he holds in the Minecraft community.