Does Dead Island 2 have crossplay?

artwork of dead island 2 characters attacking zombiesDambuster Studios

Dead Island 2 encourages players to make use of its co-op functionality, but will Dambuster Studio’s first-person Zombie thriller include crossplay or cross-progression?

For years, players campaigned for crossplay to be added to their favorite online multiplayer games, and eventually, the dream came true for many. Behemoths such as Call of Duty now feature crossplay, and Dead Island 2 is another title that incorporates multi-person gameplay.

Another topic of discussion in gaming is the subject of cross-progression. Dead Island 2 is set to be a meaty affair, in more ways than one, and there will be a lot of ground to cover.

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If you’re curious, our handy guide will answer two questions for you today: does Dead Island 2 have crossplay, and does it have cross-progression?

dead island 2 player attacking zombieDambuster Studios

Does Dead Island 2 have crossplay?

According to the official Technical FAQ on the game’s website, “Dead Island 2 will not support crossplay,” and there’s no mention of it being a feature the devs are looking to introduce at any point.

Given that Dead Island 2 supports multi-person co-op, this news will likely be a sore point for players on different platforms looking to team up with one another.

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Until we hear anything different, if you’re looking to beat on the undead scourge of LA with a partner or two, it will have to be on the same platform.

Does Dead Island 2 have cross-platform progression?

Dambuster Studios have made absolutely no mention of Dead Island 2 supporting cross-progression, so while it’s not completely set in stone, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to transfer your progress to another console or PC.

Many users enjoy the freedom and flexibility of experiencing the same title on Xbox and PC for instance, making cross-progression a useful feature. Again, if circumstances do change, we’ll be sure to update this guide and let you know!

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