Disney Dreamlight Valley memory brings back childhood heartbreak

Cassidy Stephenson
Scar update Disney Dreamlight Valley

One Disney Dreamlight Valley player discovered a shocking Memory Shard featuring Mufasa’s death – one of the saddest moments in animated film history.

Throughout Dreamlight Valley, users can gather Memories to complete a snapshot containing iconic scenes from various Disney films. Players receive Memories by encountering the Old Ruler’s Lost Diaries, completing Quests, and performing tasks like Farming, Cooking, and Fishing.

While some Memories help advance Quests, most are purely for aesthetic purposes and can be used as a piece of furniture. However, it’s unlikely people would want to hang Mufasa’s death on their wall.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Mufasa memory terrifies players

The Lion King in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Reddit user ssfailboat posted their frightening realization on the Dreamlight Valley subreddit. They found the first Memory piece of Mufasa lying lifeless in The Lion King.

The total Lion King Memory captured Scar comforting Simba next to his father after the villain killed Mufasa. To obtain this alarming Memory, users must remove a number of small Night Thorns, which are practically unavoidable.

ssfailboat added a new room idea based on the depressing film moment from their childhood. “Disney Depression. Dark, dirty walls, cobwebbed lights & chandeliers, and frames everywhere of the most painful moments in history,” they wrote. “Ya know, in preparation for the day, they add a memory of Carl losing Ellie in Up.

Kit_Sparx expressed their confusion on the inclusion of the heartbreaking scene. “They censored Scar’s use of the word idiot but added a memory we can’t realistically avoid getting of Scar next to the corpse of his murdered brother.”

While players have been able to recruit Scar to their village for quite some time, Gameloft plans to add Simba and Nala in an April 2023 update. As seen in a February Nintendo Direct presentation, the upcoming Lion King realm resembles Timon and Pumbaa’s jungle instead of Pride Rock.

It’s unclear if Dreamlight Valley will include any other tragic scenes from Disney movies as obtainable Memories. People can only brace for impact if Gameloft wants to have stills of depressing moments in animated films like Coco and Bambi.

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