Disney Dreamlight Valley players furious as glitch ruins Memory Mania event

Noelle Corbett

Disney Dreamlight Valley players are reporting an issue that prevents them from completing Memory Mania. Many are concerned that the glitch won’t be addressed before the Inside Out 2-inspired event ends.

The latest limited-time event requires players to interact with special items hidden around the Valley and in certain Realms to unlock Memories. Completing these unlocks exclusive rewards, including animal companions based on the new emotions from Inside Out 2.

However, players have shared that event items are spawning in unreachable locations, preventing them from getting everything they want out of Memory Mania.

As one player explained on Reddit, Birthday Cakes have been spawning off the coast of the Moana Realm in an area that players cannot actually reach.

Making it worse, the Cakes are not appearing in the Wall-E or Ratatouille areas as intended, meaning they have no way to get the final memory, leading them to say, “If I miss out on this event because of this, I’m gonna be mad.”

The poster went on to mention in a comment that “it’s been like three days of no obtainable cakes.”

Other players, both on this Reddit post and across social media, have shared similar experiences with the Cakes in the Moana Realm and other bugged event items.

“I have one bugged in Goofy’s home that has yet to switch location and it’s been there at least a week,” said one player.

Another said they reported the issue to Gameloft support and were told the developers are working on a solution, though the player expressed concern that the fix would not arrive before Memory Mania ends on July 17.

A page on Gameloft’s support website regarding the event bug under “Known Quest Issues,” reads, “Our developers have already been informed about this issue, and they are working on a solution.”

However, this was last updated 10 days ago, and outside of a reply to a Twitter/X user on July 5, there’s been no further acknowledgment of the bug or word on a solution. The game did receive a hotfix on July 3, but that only addressed an issue with Scrooge’s Store and the Premium Shop.

This isn’t the first time a Disney Dreamlight Valley event has been criticized for bugs. The last update’s Dreamlight Parks Fest was riddled with issues, leading Gameloft to compensate players with event materials and premium currency.

These events and the issues that arise from them have even caused some to abandon the game, with one commenter saying, “I was so dedicated to this game … Now I can hardly get myself to open the game up even for the start path items I want. Their events are driving me mad.”