Destiny 2 players demand major weapon crafting changes

Rory Teale
Destiny 2 Craftable weapons

Destiny 2 players have been complaining that there are still no craftable void Pulse Rifles. However, this realization brought up even more issues with the crafting system that revealing glaring omissions to what players can and can’t create.

Bungie released Destiny as a unique game with hardly any competitors, seamlessly blending fast-paced ability FPS gameplay with addictive PvE loot-grinding elements.

Bungie capitalized on the RNG-heavy formula for many years, until players started to complain about the ridiculous amount of hours they were forced to play in order to get a desired weapon roll.

So, the developers eventually came up with Weapon Crafting in The Witch Queen DLC, allowing players to make their own perfect weapon rolls.

However, Destiny 2 players have been complaining about there still being no craftable Legendary Void Pulse Rifles

Destiny 2 Void Pulse Rifle

Destiny 2 players demand craftable Void Pulse Rifles

In a complaint posted to Reddit, one Destiny 2 player found it unfathomable that among 139 craftable weapons, there were still no Void Pulse Rifles available:

Out of 139 crafted weapons, how do we not have any void pulse rifles?

Players agreed with the complaint and were quick to point out that Pulse Rifles weren’t despite this damage type having no craftable options, there were five craftable arc rifles.

“I really do NOT understand why they keep making more guns with the same element while not making other elements. 5 fucking arc pulse rifles,” one player said. “Bungie’s allergic to Void it seems. It’s almost as if the weapon design teams actively neglect/refuse to fill the gaps,” another added.

However, while noticing the lack of Void Pulse Rifles, other players found an even more prevalent issue. There are thirteen total craftable pulse rifles and less than half that amount of sidearms: “I think the more insane thing is that we have 13 pulse rifles and only 5 sidearms,” one player said.

Though weapon crafting has been a huge boon for players hungry to get their hands on certain weapons without having to grind for them, it seems players want enough options to fully customize their loadout with the damage types they want.

These complaints comprise just part of a long list of issues players have with the current state of Destiny 2, which massively missed its sales projection and has a declining player base.

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