Destiny 2 Dungeons are now locked to Deluxe Editions and players are furious

Destiny 2 gameplayBungie

Destiny 2 Dungeons will soon be locked behind paywalls, Bungie has confirmed, as the popular endgame activities are moving exclusively to premium bundles. The decision has outraged players, who have labeled the move “absolutely terrible”.

When it comes to PvE in Destiny 2, Dungeons are among not just the most popular activities, but the most important. These highly polished and extremely difficult challenges, often looked at as bite-sized Raids, offer some of the most significant experiences in all of Destiny.

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Up until now, so long as you owned the latest expansion, you had access the latest Dungeon. The trend started with The Shattered Throne during Forsaken’s time in the spotlight, then continued with both the Pit of Heresy and Prophecy during Shadowkeep.

Moving forward, however, all future Dungeons from The Witch Queen onwards are set to be locked behind new paywalls, Bungie announced on October 19.

Destiny 2 Shattered Throne gameplayBungie
Dungeons are held to a similar standard as Raids, Bungie’s top-tier PvE content in Destiny.

“We’ve seen some debate around the new Dungeon content and wanted to clarify how it will be delivered next year,” Bungie Community Manager ‘Cozmo23’ addressed on Reddit.

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Only players who purchase the “Digital Deluxe Edition of The Witch Queen will receive two Dungeons,” they confirmed. For players who purchase the Standard Edition, this endgame PvE content is no longer included.

“You can still upgrade to the Deluxe Edition to get the Dungeons later,” Bungie added.

Moreover, “separate” payment methods will also be introduced in 2022. These appear to allow players to “purchase the Dungeons” as standalone experiences.

Bungie has not disclosed how much a single Dungeon will cost.

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Naturally, it didn’t take long for the Destiny community to express their anger with the change. After years of Dungeons being available to all, locking it behind new paywalls has been labeled a “gross” tactic.

“This is an absolutely terrible way to monetize content,” one player stressed.

Not only is it “rough” for veteran players used to buying new Standard Editions each time around, but it’s also a “terrible” change for new Guardians as well, others chimed in.

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“New Lights are bombarded with so many different editions, deluxe packs, seasons, and anniversary packs. Just trying to understand for a new player how to get all of the content is an absolute mess.”

Destiny 2 Witch QueenBungie
This paywall change comes into effect with The Witch Queen expansion. There’s no telling if older Dungeons will be shifted over as well.

With unanimous disdain for the change, we’ll have to wait and see if Bungie reverts its choice in a future update.

We’ll be hearing more on these new paywalls “closer to when the content is set to go live,” Cozmo confirmed, so we will keep you updated with all the latest.

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