Crimson Desert: Gameplay, story, trailer, platforms & more

Pearl Abyss

Crimson Desert is an upcoming open-world action-adventure game that is currently being developed by Pearl Abyss – the team behind Black Desert Online. Here’s everything we currently know about Crimson Desert, including gameplay, platforms, and more.

Pearl Abyss originally announced Crimson Desert during the 2020 Game Awards, but since then, information surrounding the game has been rather scarce. Fans of the South Korean MMO, Black Desert Online, have been waiting for the next title and have been eager to see further news.

However, it’s important to note that while Crimson Desert features a similar name, it is not a direct sequel to the BDO. So, in order to get you caught up with all the latest developments and updates, we’ve covered everything we currently know about Crimson Desert.

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Is there Crimson Desert release date?

Crimson Desert gameplayPearl Abyss
The Crimson Desert release date is highly anticipated by open-world fans.

As of writing, there is no news on when Crimson Desert will be released. Pearl Abyss previously stated that the game would launch in winter 2021, but this date has been and gone. 

However, during Pearl Abyss’ latest earnings report, the South Korean video game developer announced that it had lost a number of core developers, which has led to delays for both DokeV and Crimson Desert.

This means the title has likely been pushed back to 2023. We’ll hear more information in the months to come, so be sure to check back here regularly for all the latest updates. 

Crimson Desert platforms

Crimson Desert will be available on PS4, ps5 Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. This follows a similar pattern to Black Desert Online, which is also available for both PC and console. 

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There’s no word on whether cross-platform play or cross-progression will be supported at launch, but given this feature is a highly requested feature, we could see it added to the game at some point during Crimson Desert’s lifecycle. 

Crimson Desert story

Crimson Desert charactersPearl Abyss
Crimson Desert’s story takes place in a gritty fantasy world filled with danger.

According to the official Crimson Desert website, the game’s story tells the tale of Pywel, a vast continent of divided regions inhabited by people struggling to survive in its ever-changing lands. Fortunately, adventurers won’t be alone in their quest through Pywel:

“The King of Demeniss, Unifier of Lands, lies in a coma. In the ensuing power vacuum, those who have suffered under his iron rule now seek to exploit his weakness. Some who have felt the oppression of his conquests seek only independence, but others dream of gaining their own absolutist rule. In this time of turmoil, you will not survive against such powerful foes alone. You better assemble a team.”

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The developers have also stated that the player’s actions will influence the story of Pywel. Quite how dramatic these changes will be remains to be seen, but for now, that’s all we know about the gritty world of Crimson Desert. 

Crimson Desert gameplay

Crimson Desert gameplay features some incredibly flashy real-time combat, with lightning-fast melee hits and powerful throws. The developers have put a huge emphasis on group fights, rather than 1v1 player-to-monster combat. 

There’s even a scene where the protagonist seems to clutch onto a dragon and unleash a number of attacks, similar to the combat seen in Dragon’s Dogma. While gameplay showed off melee combat, the official website notes how players will be able to imbue weapons with the “mysterious art of alchemy”, which allows players to unlock additional abilities. 

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So, there you have it, that’s everything we currently know about Crimson Desert. Make sure you check out our other game release hubs below for all the latest news and updates.

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