Bloodhunt Community Patch adds duos, free loot & kill reward fixes

Lauren Bergin
vampire attacks a man in a dirty graveyardSharkmob

Bloodhunt’s Community Patch will add some highly anticipated content to the Vampire The Masquerade battle royale, including a duos mode, free loot for logging in, and, finally, a new kill rewards system.

As Vampire The Masquerade’s battle royale title, Bloodhunt, continues to go from strength to strength, players have been eagerly awaiting new, bloodstained content.

Luckily, Bloodhunt’s Community Patch is set to leave players licking their lips. While new free loot for logging in, as well as a new kill system to combat pesky kill stealers are all worth mentioning, the headline of this patch is the highly requested Duos mode.

So, here’s a detailed rundown of everything you need to know about Bloodhunt’s mammoth Community Patch.

bloodhunt one character punches a shockwave at another who is shooting at himSharkmob
You won’t always have to face your demons solo anymore.

Bloodhunt duos added in Community Patch

In response to a developer survey asking players whether or not they’d like to see a duos mode added to the current pool, Sharkmob have indeed decided that the ability to battle it out against enemy bloodsuckers with a friend is just what the game needs.

“The community spoke and we listened,” they write. “Effective from this patch we will introduce Duos mode that will alternate with the existing Trios, supporting 42 players and speeding along matchmaking.”

Additionally, the matchmaking process will be a lot smoother going forward, especially for solo players. Promising “shorter pre and post-match timers, archetype select, and deployment to get you into and out of a game faster,” Sharkmob note that “solo players can now join a new match directly, without going back to the Elysium social hub first.”

bloodhunt vampires shoot each other across rooftop while female vampire in red leather jacket looks at cameraSharkmob
This new patch will allow players to hunt their prey in peace.

New Kill system

Players have also been champing at the bit to see a new KDA system introduced to the game to combat other players stealing kills, and thankfully the devs have had their ears to the ground listening to the rumblings on Reddit.

“Never again will you lose a kill credit to a sneaky sniper round or unlucky drop,” they proclaim. “The player who downs an enemy is now awarded the kill regardless of how they are ultimately eliminated (red gas, another player, The Entity, a shark…) Assists are awarded for eliminating a downed player.”

This system functions similarly to Apex Legends, debatably the most popular battle royale at the moment, and one to which Bloodhunt has been compared since release.

Login rewards

In addition to all of this new content, players will also be able to score rewards just for logging in, as well as having the opportunity to complete daily challenges which drop in-game store currency.

So that’s everything that’s coming in Bloodhunt’s pretty impressive Community Patch. Looking to take to the streets of Prague and tear your enemies asunder? Here are some guides to get you started:

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