Are duos coming to Bloodhunt? Devs host survey to gather fan feedback

Alec Mullins
Bloodhunt characters standing beside one another
Sharkmob AB

Vampire: The Masquerade’s battle royale Bloodhunt is off to a hot start, and developers look to keep that rolling through open communication with their fans. 

On October 5, the Bloodhunt devs took to the Steam community forums and set the situation for their players. For a limited time, there would be an open survey allowing players to vote on the addition of Duos into the game.

While this may seem strange at first, the vote carried big implications for the entire community. The addition of a two-person game mode would mean removing the Trios option that has been the game’s norm since Early Access first debuted.

The results of that survey have yet to be disclosed, but considering how heavily requested a duo playlist has been, it wouldn’t be a shock to see it arrive in the game soon.

Will there be a Duos playlist in Bloodhunt?

Fan survey for the addition of a duos playlist to to Bloodhunt
Sharkmob AB
The survey was posted on the Steam forums so that fans could give direct feedback about the situation.

While it was too soon to make a decision in the most recent patch, the duo playlist may be on the way in the next update – Act 2 0.6, along with a handful of balancing changes and bug fixes.

The fans seem to be of split opinion about the decision. There are a number of comments on both sides, and with the survey closed, it’s impossible to tell which one is winning.

It does seem as if the fans all agree about one thing though; Sharkmob is doing a great job in keeping the lines of communication open.

Bloodhunt Maia Toreador Primogem
The Sharkmob AB team have been hard at work making Bloodhunt a premier Battle Royale title well before it’s official release

One user commented: “I would love to see a duos mode, but I feel like adding it too early may split up the playerbase that much more. Anyways, props to the discord and dev team for doing a great job talking to the community and just the game as a whole.”

We’ll have to keep our eyes peeled to see if the duos vote won out, but you can always check out our other Bloodhunt coverage in the meantime.