Aydan slams Warzone 2 launch: “Feels like a beta”

Aydan streaming on TwitchAydan

Professional Call of Duty player and content creator Aydan has slammed the current state of Warzone 2, believing that the game should have been delayed.

Warzone 2 is home to plenty of changes that help differentiate itself from the original BR game. While the Al Mazrah map has been getting a lot of praise from the CoD community, there are a number of additions that haven’t gone down so well. 

One of the biggest complaints has been around the game’s clunky loot system and lack of mobility, two areas that have frustrated Aydan. In fact, the popular content creator has consistently voiced his distaste for Warzone 2, with many of his complaints stemming from the lack of skill gap and movement options. 

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Aydan slams Warzone 2 launch

During his recent stream, Warzone pro Aydan called out the current state of the game and how he believes it should have been delayed. “This game is so bad, man. There’s so much stupid sh*t,” said the streamer. 

Judging from his recent Warzone 2 streams, it’s clear that Aydan hasn’t been impressed by the changes presented in the new BR. This is especially true when it comes to the game’s extremely low TTK and removal of slide canceling – two areas that the streamer believes make Warzone 2 the “easiest game” in the series. 

“How did this game f*cking devolve so much? This game is f*cking ass, how is this game so much worse than Warzone 1? I actually don’t understand,” Aydan said. “They honestly should have waited longer to put this game out, we should have just played Caldera for another year. This actually does feel like a beta.” 

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Whether Activision will make any changes to Warzone 2 remains to be seen, but for now, it’s clear that Aydan isn’t the biggest fan.