All new Warzone 2 features explained: Interrogation system, Gulag 2.0, new loadouts & more

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Warzone 2 is finally here and brings a ton of new features for the players to get excited about. So, here’s a rundown of all the new features in Warzone 2.

CoD players are about to witness a new era of the franchise with the arrival of Warzone 2. While the sequel revolves around the same concept as that of the original Warzone, it does come with a slew of new features.

In fact, Infinity Ward has introduced these features to enhance the Battle Royale experience even further. Some of them include the new Interrogation system, Gulag 2.0, a new loadout system, and a lot more.

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With that said, here’s a complete rundown of all the new features that Warzone 2 has brought to the table.


Warzone 2 how to get loadoutActivison
Warzone 2 features a new interrogation system.

Gulag 2.0

In Warzone 2, the Gulag has evolved into a 2v2 mode where players start with fists instead of weapons. You’ll be paired with a random player with whom you got to coordinate and take down the opposite duo.

The biggest change this mode features is the presence of an AI enemy in the prison. Now the two duos have two options – either team up together and take down “the Jailer” (this brings all four players back to the game) or choose the elimination route. Thankfully, our guide has every tip you need on how to win your Gulag 2v2.

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New Interrogation feature

The second new feature that Al Mazrah brings is the interrogation of enemy players. Here, you may approach a downed player and force them to reveal the location of the rest of their teammates.

Executing this feature requires planning and our guide has everything you need to interrogate enemies in Warzone 2.

Enhanced loadouts

The way loadouts work in Warzone 2 is quite different from that of the original BR game. You can no longer buy them from Buy Stations. However, you do have the option to obtain them from random Loadout Drops or clearing out Strongholds.

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If you want to get a detailed overview of the loadout changes, our guide has everything you need.

New backpack system

Another feature that has made its debut in Warzone 2 is the new backpack system. This new backpack system will contain all the looted items of the player except for the primary weapons. Items like meds, ammo, cash, and gadgets will all be present inside the backpack.

Warzone 2 OperatorActivision
Warzone 2 features new weapons and modes of transport.

Split gas circles

Poisonous gas circles are still a thing in Warzone 2 but are now split into smaller ones, unlike the original BR game. This means players will have a choice to select a bunch of safer locations and plan their endgame accordingly in Al Mazrah.

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If you’re wondering how Warzone 2 circles work, our guide has got everything explained.

Strongholds and Black Sites

Strongholds are new AI enemy combat zones in Warzone 2. The specialty of these areas is that players will get a chance to get their hands on custom loadouts. All they need to do is defeat AI enemies and disarm bombs in these areas for a Black Site key to drop.

Once these keys are acquired, they can head straight to the designated locations to claim rewards like custom loadouts and free Weapon Blueprints.

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New modes of transport

Warzone 2 features some new modes of transport in Al Mazrah in the form of new vehicles, boats, and even swimming! The swimming mechanic is similar to that of Modern Warfare 2 and provides new ways of escaping fights or catching enemies off-guard. You’d also be able to use certain weapons underwater!

Third-person playlists

And last but not the least, Warzone 2 has finally featured third-person playlists. The implementation of this feature provides new ways and perspectives of playing and approaching the battle royale game (similar to the likes of PUBG and Fortnite).

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These playlists were introduced as a part of the Battle Royale weekly rotation in Season 1.

So, there you have it — those are all the new features that arrived with Warzone 2. For more on Warzone 2, be sure to check out our other guides:

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