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Finding it difficult to beat the missions in Evil Dead: The Game? We’ve broken down all of the missions to help slay those pesky Deadites. 

Evil Dead: The Game is a groovy take on the asymmetrical horror genre, featuring the likes of Ash Williams, Henry The Red, and more. Players battle Deadites and the Kandarian Demon in multiplayer, but there are a few solo missions to earn rewards such as new characters and secrets.

The missions in Evil Dead: The Game aren’t merciful, so we’re here to help as you grab your boomstick and send those Deadites back to hell.


a group of demons in evil dead the game
Evil Ash and other iconic Deadite foes appear in the game.

How to complete Evil Dead: The Game – Mission One

The first mission of Evil Dead: The Game, ‘If you love someone, set them free…with a chainsaw’, takes place during the events of Evil Dead 2: Dead By Dawn. While the tasks here are fairly simple and give you a sense of the game’s mechanics, it can be easy to be overwhelmed by Deadites. Here’s what you need to do complete Mission One:

  1. Grab supplies from the Knowby Cabin
  2. Head to Bronson Cave and collect Linda’s necklace
  3. Head to Demonic Treehouse and dig up Linda’s head
  4. Defeat the first wave of Deadites
  5. Head to Payne Manor and grab the Legendary weapons
  6. Return to Knowby Cabin and go to the shed 
  7. Defeat the last wave of Deadites

Like most scenarios in Evil Dead: The Game, this mission will see your fear meter rise, so make sure to locate bonfires via the mini-map. You can also stand next to lanterns and other light sources to reduce your fear too.

Each wave of Deadites will spawn a boss-type enemy to deal with. It is best to dodge their attacks, get a few headshots in and play it safe.

How to complete Evil Dead: The Game – Mission Two

Mission two of Evil Dead: The Game is far more laid back, as you’ll be helping Ash collect bottles of Wisemen’s Brew across the map. Appropriately titled ‘Party Down!’, follow these steps to get the party started:

  1. Grab supplies from the spawn area
  2. Head to one of the six Wisemen’s Brew locations in any order
  3. Defeat the wave of Deadites at each location

‘Party Down!’ is one of the more straightforward missions in the game, so you should be able to breeze through this with ease. Make sure to search buildings such as Shockley Auto or the Gas Station for supplies such as Shemps’s Cola or ammo.

an image of evil dead the game missions
Completing the missions will unlock hidden characters and secret recordings.

How to complete Evil Dead: The Game – Mission Three

Probably one of the most difficult missions in the entire game, ‘Kill Em’ All’ will send players on a quest to rid the map of Deadites at different locations. Cast aside your fear, however, as you can clear this mission with these steps:

  1. Search the spawn area for ammo, Amulet’s and Shemp’s Cola
  2. Get inside the car and drive to Faison Farm
  3. Defeat 12 Deadites
  4. Drive to the field near Dead End
  5. Before you start the next wave, go to the shed and pick up the Lumberjack Axe
  6. Start the wave and kill 9 Deadites
  7. Drive to Fairview Campground
  8. Defeat the last 4 Deadites

The hardest part of this mission is definitely killing off the boss in the second wave. We recommend dealing with the basic Deadites as quickly as possible, so you can focus your attention on the Demi-Eligos boss enemy.

Demi-Eligos has a devastating attack pattern that will lunge at you and is highly resistant to ranged damage. You’ll need to get your hits in quickly, before retreating to dodge its attacks and getting a few shots from afar if possible. Be patient and you’ll get through this fight.

How to complete Evil Dead: The Game – Mission Four

Now that you’ve battled your way through ‘Kill Em’ All’, you’re more than prepared to tackle the fourth mission. However, this time you’ll be stepping into the shoes of Ash’s companion Pablo:

  1. Loot the house in front of Pablo and take the Revolver
  2. Get to Fairview Campground and clear out the Deadites
  3. Grab the Machete from the fallen Deadites
  4. Stand next to the Chainsaw to trigger the next location
  5. At El Brujo’s Hut, go inside the house and grab El Brujo’s Amulet
  6. Go to Railway Loop and avoid any encounters with Deadites where possible
  7. Ash’s possessed hand will go to Dead End, where you can grab it
  8. Be stealthy as you approach Jake’s Gas N’ Go to find Ash
  9. Get gas from Wadesboro Junkyard and Shockley Auto
  10. Escape in the car

The key to ‘It’s not gonna let us go’ is stealth and picking your moments. Using El Brujo’s Amulet will grant you a form of invisibility from some Deadites, but most will still be able to see you. Make use of any light sources or bonfires to keep your fear down as you traverse the map.

Jake’s Gas N’ Go has a number of Deadites outside, which are best avoided by staying as far as possible. Shockley Auto will pit you against the Demi-Eligos from the previous mission again, so be quick with the objective and patient against its attacks.

an image of the demi-eligos in evil dead mission 3
Demi-Eligos is a tough Deadite to defeat but can be killed with practice and well-placed attacks.

How to complete Evil Dead: The Game – Mission Five

If you’ve made it this far, then pat yourself on the back, as mission five is the last one to complete. ‘Homecoming King’ will enable players to control Lord Arthur from Army of Darkness, who is laying down the hurt on Deadites in a modern-day setting:

  1. Head inside the Lucky Valley Lodge for supplies
  2. Loot the basement in the adjacent house and grab the Shovel
  3. Get in the car and head to the marked location
  4. Enemies spawn endlessly, so grab the Kandarian Dagger quickly
  5. Travel to the next marked location for the Necronomicon
  6. Kill the wave of Deadites, using headshots on Deadite Scotty
  7. Grab the Epic Crossbow and special ammo from the last Deadite
  8. Head to battle Evil Ash
  9. Kill the Deadites and avoid attacking Evil Ash (he can’t be killed yet)
  10. When you exit the cave, head toward Sewer Treatment Plant
  11. Grab the Legendary Crossbow and go to Payne Manor
  12. Take care of the Guardians and grab Arthur’s Fabled Sword
  13. Head to the next location and deal with the Pit Deadite
  14. Kill Evil Ash and his Deadite minions

Evil Ash can be troublesome to defeat if you don’t interrupt his Deadite summoning, so get a few hits in to prevent him from doing so. He can perform an attack that grants no warning, but the small amount of damage from this is worth stopping the swarm.

Will there be more missions?

The final mission of the game teases more Army of Darkness-focused content for the future, which the developers have confirmed. However, this will be for the multiplayer portion of the game, but a sixth mission is teased in the main menu.

And there you have it. You’re set to beat all the missions in Evil Dead: The Game. Be sure to check out our other guides here:

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