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Forza Horizon 5 player allegedly banned for recreating NELK Boys’ seltzer logo

Published: 24/Nov/2021 20:48

by Dylan Horetski


A Forza Horizon 5 player has allegedly been banned from the game after re-creating the Nelk Boys’ “Happy Dad” seltzer logo in the game. 

Forza Horizon 5 launched on November 9 with many reviewers giving it high scores. However, the game hasn’t been entirely perfect, boasting multiple glitches and exploits—some of which provided cheaters with near-infinite money.

Another big issue that’s come to light since the release is the game’s language filter. First, players were furious that they couldn’t use their real name on their license plate, and now a player has allegedly been banned for re-creating the NELK Boys’ “Happy Dad” seltzer logo on his car’s livery.


Forza player banned for creating NELK boys seltzer logo

On November 23, u/ViralHQ took to Reddit to inform them about his recent ban on the latest Forza release. He said: “So apparently I got banned today for re-creating The NELK ‘Happy Dad’ hard seltzer drink Logo… SMH.”

Other fans of the game instantly became furious after reading Viral’s post, as there are other similar liveries available in the game.

In another reply, the idea of it being possible copyright infringement was brought up.

It reads: “Ok this is walking in copyright/trademark territory in truth, other similar known logos are historical brands, reproducing historical trademarks in context is actually completely legal.”


Just a couple of hours after posting, ViralHQ provided a few updates regarding his ban. He stated that his ban was labeled as “Disruptive – Illegal drugs or controlled substances,” while his second update explained that two of his support tickets were closed without any response.

To make things worse, the player claims that even though he has been banned for creating the logo, it’s still available in-game and has been reported, giving him a strike towards making his ban longer.

While the well-received game has been met with its fair share of issues, it always could be worse.