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Forza Horizon 5 update patch notes: DLC & rewards changes, exploit fixes

Published: 17/Nov/2021 22:33

by Dylan Horetski


Forza Horizon 5 developers have pushed their first patch for the game since release with a focus on fixing multiplayer gameplay and several reported exploits. 

With the release of Forza Horizon 5 on November 5, the latest installment in the series quickly smashed launch records with over 4.5 million players on the first day. It hasn’t been without its issues, though, as many players have complained about online and visibility problems in Horizon Arcade.

Users all over social media have also reported various exploits in FH5 including ways to get insane amounts of money via driving assists and the auction house.

forza horizon 5 ford bronco races in rain
Forza Horizon 5 developers have dropped their first patch notes.

This update for the game fixes almost all of the reported online issues as well as provides added checks for some of the exploits.


Forza Horizon 5 November 17 patch notes & version numbers

  • Xbox One: 1.410.860.0
  • Xbox Series: 3.410.860.0
  • PC: 3.410.860.2
  • Steam: 1.410.860.0

Game Stability

  • Fixed several crashes
  • Fixed a potential crash that could happen if an emote was earned whilst offline
  • Fixed a potential crash that can happen when starting a Horizon Arcade
  • Fixed a potential crash that occurred when spawning traffic cars
  • Fixed a crash when loading EventLab events
  • Fixed a crash when upgrading cars


  • Improved stability of Horizon Life connections
  • Improvements to online traffic
  • Fixed issue where player’s car would get stopped when losing connection to Horizon Life
  • Disabled Convoy voice chat to help track down the long load times in Online events
  • Improvements to Horizon Arcade for other player visibility and joining and leaving Arcade events
  • Fixed Eliminator Head to Heads not ending when players reached the finish point

Wheel Compatibility

  • Fixed a disconnect pop up that was preventing Wheels from functioning correctly on PC


  • Updated the Car Masteries for various cars to address an exploit
  • Removed an exploit that could be achieved when creating Challenge Cards
  • Removed an exploit when creating specific route configurations in EventLab
  • Fixed an issue which allowed players to purchase cars from the Car Collection screen which weren’t available in the Autoshow
  • Added checks to stop an exploit with driving assists
  • Stopped players being able to download tunes before a race starts


  • Fixed VIP Player House not being free for some VIPs
  • Fixed VIP House not giving player correct Forzathon Point multiplier
  • Fixed issue where some VIP players weren’t receiving Super Wheelspins


  • Fixed players not receiving the loyalty reward for playing Forza Motorsport 5
  • Fixed an issue with Car Collection where it was possible that a player could lose pending rewards if they quit the game
  • Rebalanced UGC payouts

PC Settings

  • Fixed Resolution Scaling causing GTAO depth issues on PC
  • Fixed issue where distant terrain could appear as low res on PC Ultra settings


  • Fixed an issue where it was possible for the player to fall out of world after completing the Trial
  • Fixed an issue where input stops working on the Press Start screen
  • Cross Country Event difficulty has been tuned slightly easier on Drivatar Difficulty levels below Unbeatable to smooth off some difficulty spikes
  • Fixed EventLab notifications persisting in Freeroam
  • Fixed some Accolades missing icons on Xbox One and Xbox One S
  • Fixed profanity filter not applying correctly on Super7