Where to find tornado locations in Fortnite Chapter 3

Daniel Megarry
A tornado location in Fortnite Chapter 3

If you’re trying to figure out where to find a tornado in Fortnite Chapter 3, you’re not alone, as they don’t actually show up that often – but here are the best locations to find them.

As well as new environmental features like Tall Grass for stealthy takedowns and Pine Trees that can be knocked over, Epic Games have also introduced new weather conditions to Fortnite: lightning and tornadoes.

While lightning gives you a speed boost (at the cost of some health), the big weather condition is tornadoes, as they have the power to rip straight through a gunfight and throw players around the Island when they appear.

You’ll also need to go flying inside a tornado for 100 meters if you want to complete all of your weekly challenges, so we’ve got all the information you need below.


A tornado location in Fortnite Chapter 3
You’ll be able to go the distance with these tornadoes.

Where to find tornadoes in Fortnite

The bad news is that tornadoes spawn at random in Fortnite Chapter 3, meaning you’ll simply have to play until you find one. They aren’t marked on the map, either, so you can’t pinpoint a specific location.

Our best tip for finding a tornado is to spend as much time traveling as you can during a match. Grab a car and drive around the Island, paying close attention to the sky as you pass major locations and landmarks.

The good news is that there’s a Tornado Week running from Tuesday, January 11, at 9AM ET until Monday, January 17, at 9AM ET, where tornadoes will be much more likely to spawn on the map.

How to fly using a tornado in Fortnite

If you see a tornado in the distance, don’t run away! Instead, head straight into it and you’ll be swept up inside. While spinning around the tornado, you can launch yourself out at any time and begin gliding.

To complete the weekly Seasonal Quest, you’ll need to travel 100 meters while flying around in a tornado. Stay in the tornado for a while and then glide as far as you can to make sure you get those 100 meters.

Once you’ve completed this tornado quest, why not check out our weekly challenge roundup for more XP-earning opportunities, or see our tips for leveling up fast in Fortnite.