All Flaming Boost Hoop locations in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3

Daniel Appleford
Fortnite Wrecked Chapter 5 Season 3.

Fortnite has added a new way to speed around the map and look good while doing it with Chapter 5 Season 3, thanks to the addition of Flaming Boost Hoopx. Here are all the Flaming Boost Hoops locations on the map to discover.

Nitro is the new primary mode of all things speed in Fortnite and can be found in barrels, splashes, and hoops throughout the whole island.  Flaming Boost Hoops aren’t just for speeding up vehicles — they’re also a gateway for players to amp up their own speed too.

Whether you’re driving through them or passing by, these hoops infuse you with Nitro, giving you that extra boost needed. Here is where to find all the Flaming Boost Hoops on the map.

Flaming Boost Hoops locations in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3

Fortnite Flaming Boost Hoop locations
Fortnite Flaming Boost Hoop locations.

In Chapter 5, Season 3, a total of 29 Flaming Boost Hoops are spread throughout the map in POIs like Redline Rig, Brutal Beachhead, Sandy Steppes, Nitrodrome, Mount Olympus, and Restored Reels. 

While most Flaming Boost Hoops are located in the northern part of the map, a couple of outlier Flaming Boost Hoops are in the southern area around The Underworld and Classy Courts

There are two different versions of the Flaming Boost Hoops. The first version includes two large metal ramps to help get the car up and through the hoop. Alternatively, these hoops can be found on roadways that propel the player without the added jump.

The player or vehicle then gets a boost and is propelled forward as they pass through the hoop. Additionally, the player or vehicle is infused with Nitro. 

While infused with Nitro, the user will have an additional speed boost. This is the same effect as the Nitro Splashes and Nitro Barrels that can be found around the map in loot or at gas stations. But remember, the Nitro buff cannot be multiplied using different Nitro items simultaneously. 

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