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Fortnite Timber Pine locations: Where to destroy Timber Pine stumps in Chapter 3

Published: 12/Jan/2022 17:29

by Daniel Megarry


Wondering where timber pines are in Fortnite Chapter 3? Players need to knock them down and destroy their stumps to complete weekly challenges, and we’ve got the best locations to find them.

The new Fortnite map is full of exciting locations to explore, but there are also loads of environmental features to take advantage of including timber pines, which are trees that fall and roll over your enemies when destroyed.

As well as being a great way to damage your opponents or even walk across water, you’ll also need to destroy timber pines and their stumps to complete two of the weekly Seasonal Quests – with each earning you a sweet 25,000 XP.


In this simple guide, we’re going to explain the best locations to find timber pines in Fortnite Chapter 3, and how to destroy them once you get there.


Where are timber pines in Fortnite?

Timber pines are huge trees that can be found at various locations around the Fortnite Chapter 3 map, but the best place to visit is Logjam Lumberyard as there are loads of them located here.

We’ve marked two of the best locations to find timber pines on the map below:

Timber Pines locations marked on the Fortnite Chapter 3 map
Epic Games
Here are the best locations to find timber pines.

Ultimately, as long as you’re in the snow-covered area at the northwest corner of the map, you should be able to find timber pines, but you’ll definitely have an easier time if you visit Logjam Lumberyard.


How to knock down timber pines in Fortnite

Once you’ve found a group of timber pines in Fortnite, knocking them down is as simple as giving them a few hits with your pickaxe. You can also shoot or explode them, but that will draw attention to you.

Be aware that a timber pine tree will damage anything it lands on, including you. If the tree is on a hill or an incline, it will roll down in that direction and take out any other timber pines in its path, which is useful.

You’ll need to knock down five timber pines to complete this Fortnite challenge, but you can do it over several matches, so if you don’t get a chance to do it all in one go, simply return to the same spot later.


How to destroy timber pine stumps in Fortnite

Destroying timber pine stumps is easy, as you just need to destroy the stump that’s left behind after knocking down a timber pine tree. Give it a few hits with your pickaxe and it’ll be gone.

To complete this challenge, you’ll only need to destroy three stumps, so it shouldn’t take you too long at all to finish.

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