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Ninja hits back as fan calls him a “hypocrite” over Dakotaz Fortnite drama

Published: 9/Jan/2020 14:10 Updated: 9/Jan/2020 14:36

by Matt Porter


Popular streamer Tyler ‘Ninja‘ Blevins has hit back at viewers who call him a “hypocrite,” after he ranted about the current state of Fortnite.

The 28-year-old has been openly critical of those who use social media to bash the game, especially fellow streamers who have made a living by playing it. This opinion saw him involved in a public spat with Twitch streamer Brett ‘Dakotaz’ Hoffman, who eventually blocked Ninja after venting his annoyance about the Mixer star’s opinion on his critiques.

Despite his desire not to complain about the game, Ninja has grown increasingly frustrated with Fortnite in recent weeks and even admitted that he’s not enjoying playing the game in its current state after running into a host of bugs while playing on January 6.


Twitter: NinjaNinja has become increasingly annoyed by Fortnite.

While playing on January 8, though, the former Halo pro once again found himself frustrated after trying to take control of a wall. He eventually failed to do so and got blasted by his opponent’s shotgun. After ranting about the game for a few moments, the streamer then turned his attention to the chat, where one user had made a comparison that angered him.

“I hate this game,” he said in frustration. “I don’t understand how I can never take walls or floors, ever. I’m sitting there, I’m shooting and meleeing to replace it, and I just can’t compete! It’s so stupid! God, it’s so silly. Do I have to have zero ping to take a wall ever? So stupid.”


“And to the little sh*t that I saw who typed: ‘You’re doing what Dakotaz does and you’re being a hypocrite’, I literally say that popping off in the heat of the moment is completely different than just tweeting out a negative opinion and not being able to back up what you’re talking about. It’s much more easy to contain opinions when you’re [not] in a stream. As I said, I freaked out on the game and went on to explain what I didn’t like, and now we’re playing the game and it’s great.”

Clip starts at 1:18 for mobile users.


Ninja’s thoughts on taking walls have been echoed by the Fortnite community ever since Epic Games confirmed that they had removed the coin-flip mechanic, which gave players on higher ping a better chance of gaining control. Once again, it’s based on the ping, with whoever has the lowest gaining a distinct advantage over their opponent. A frustrating feature for many players.

One thing’s for sure though: the streamer doesn’t appreciate being compared to those who criticize Fortnite on social media, and he wants to make it clear that his moments of rage in-game are completely different.