Epic Games respond to Fortnite ‘wall taking’ coin flip complaints

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Epic Games respond to disgruntled players who have been complaining about the supposed changes to Fortnite’s “wall-taking” coin flip mechanic.

Due to the lack of patch notes, Fortnite players have been unsure of whether the “wall-taking” coin flip in the game has been removed, making wall replacements once again go in favor of the lower ping players.

The coin flip was originally implemented in Season 10 as a way to provide a level playing field to players who don’t have the best of ping. It made it so there was an equal chance for both players to own the wall if they put it down in the same spot instead of always going to the lower ping player.

Epic remained mostly silent on the issue until community coordinator FreightTrainUSA spoke up about it on Reddit.

Xavier247848Did Epic remove the coin flip for wall replacements?

“After investigating I can confirm that no values in how this feature works have been changed,” he said on Reddit. “Our team took into consideration high vs low ping and a few other factors while testing and we can confirm that this feature is working as intended.”

While he was able to confirm that no changes were made, players still have their questions. Many of them claim they have even tested wall replacements with friends and confirmed it was removed that way. This response by Epic directly contradicts those claims.


Many replies to his response ask for more explanation, including a question of what “working as intended” actually means.

“Can you explain more what working as intended is,” asked ballatw, a competitive Fortnite caster. “Did you implement any of the described changes to the mechanic at this point, or is it still coin flip when contested with a delay to replace pieces that were recently destroyed?”

FreightTrain did not respond to this comment as of yet.


A separate Reddit thread was spun up with the Epic comment, and players discussed their experiences with the coin flip with this new information, and many still agreed something had been changed.

The comment didn’t make a mention of a “coin flip” so players believe something could have been changed behind the scenes that impacts it in a different way.

Ballatw believes the coin flip still remains but has some doubts due to many players saying it’s gone.

“I’m still skeptical, even though my own testing has always shown that coin flip has exists,” he said. “There are way too many people reporting otherwise.”


As it stands, there is still a divide in the community on whether the coin flip still exists or not. While Epic addressed it directly, there are still players who think something is up, which shows why we need patch notes more than ever.

Before Chapter 2 launched, there would have been no need for a debate like this because the change would have been listed if it happened.

Since those have gone by the wayside, players have to figure out for themselves what’s changed with the game.

In fact, that’s just what players have been doing as they’ve had to discover new items and even weapon changes on their own.

On October 31, players took matters into their own hands about the coin flip, and many of the findings directly contradict what Epic have found. It could still come down to those players being incredibly unlikely with taking walls.

Despite Epic’s confirmation, it doesn’t look like this debate is over.

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