Ninja explains why he’s not having fun in Fortnite at the moment

Connor Bennett
Ninja/Epic Games

Streaming superstar Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins has hit out at how “buggy” Fortnite has become, saying that he’s struggling to have fun playing the battle royale while battling a number of bizarre glitches.

While he may have started his competitive career in Halo and gained popularity on Twitch for playing H1Z1 and PUBG, it is Fortnite that Ninja has become synonymous with – propelling him into the mainstream and onto unrivaled success compared to his peers. 

However, with the game becoming a bit more bare-bones with the arrival of Chapter 2 – as well as picking up a few more bugs and glitches along the way – he’s vented his frustrations with the current state of the game and lack of updates.

Mixer: Ninja
Ninja exploded in success thanks to his Fortnite streams.

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During his January 6 stream, Ninja had been playing alongside TimTheTatman when he ran into a number of bugs during his early game looting. “Bro! Why is my game freezing?” he screamed out. “Dude, I’m freaking out right now – Fortnite is falling apart. Devs have gone, they haven’t updated their game once, apparently, the game just deteriorates when there aren’t updates.”

As the problems continued though, the streamer called upon Epic to make some changes. “Bro, I’m getting game lag, freezes dude, getting FPS drops all the time now, like come home (Epic), update the game – or send half your guys back,” he added.

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However, it wasn’t long before he ran into further issues. As the pair competed in a crowded late-game zone, Ninja lost his mind with how crowded it actually was when they were eliminated. 

“I’m not having fun, I’m not having fun,” he added as he left the game before Tim attempted to lift the mood with a few jokes. Yet, that didn’t work, leaving Ninja to make a further request to Epic. “Lot of fun man, add mobility to this game please.”

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However, any hopes of seeing Ninja join his pals in Escape of Tarkov instead of playing of Fortnite were also dashed. “There’s a negative percent chance I try that trash game,” he said following Tim’s recommendation, before roasting its pacing. 

What Ninja will do next, though, very much remains to be seen seeing as it’s unknown when Epic will drop their next update and address the growing issues.

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