Loserfruit laughs off claims Fortnite is dying: “It’s just about to peak again”

Loserfruit laughs at Fortnite character.Epic Games / Twitch: Loserfruit

Kathleen ‘Loserfruit’ Belsten has laughed off suggestions Fortnite is “even close to dying” in the near future, and has even claimed the Epic Games juggernaut’s best is still yet to come in an exclusive Dexerto interview.

Two weeks ago, Epic Games released Fortnite Season 8, bringing the Cosmic Cube and corruption back to the iconic battle royale’s war-torn island battleground.

The thematic Chapter 2 update is just one in a long line of story-driven changes Epic has been making to their flagship title over the past year, constantly bringing in new skins, enemies, and weapons ⁠— but, despite all that, claims Fortnite is “dying” still continue to circle the now five-year-old battle royale.

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According to Loserfruit, those claims are totally wrong.

The Twitch star, who joined Lachlan’s PWR org recently, explained to Dexerto why she believes Fortnite is actually heading the other way, towards its next peak.

Instagram: Loserfruit
The Fortnite star believes Epic’s battle royale is as good as it’s ever been.

Loserfruit spoke to Dexerto in late October, following her Team PWR move, and weighed in on the future of Fortnite, and why claims the game is “dying” are wrong.

“I think we’re in a waiting time with Fortnite now where the game is about to have its next really big peak. When that happens, I think people will stop thinking they’re edgy by saying it’s dead,” she said.

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“The state of Fortnite is the best it’s ever been.”

The main reason why, Loserfruit said, is all the features and focus Epic has loaded into Fortnite in the past few seasons. The Twitch streamer explained: “They’ve put more ability to travel across the map fast, there are all-new funny items, and on a balance standpoint, it’s the best and most enjoyable it’s ever been.

She would like to see more ranked Fortnite modes added to the game to make grinding a little more interesting, she added, but overall it’s in a “really good place.”

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Epic Games
Belsten is one of only a half-dozen stars to have their own skin in Fortnite.

Loserfruit has a vested interest in the longevity of Fortnite, of course, but her faith in the game also comes from a place of love ⁠— many of her favorite memories as a streamer come from Epic’s flagship title, she admits, from her growing fandom to duoing with Grefg, and getting a skin in the game.

“Fortnite has been my main focus for the past four years,” she said. “[There’ve been plenty of] memorable moments, including my skin, and Spanish fans from Grefg.

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“I’ve explored other horizons, away from Fortnite, but that’s mainly streaming more than YouTube videos. Rocket League, GTA, Fall Guys, Minecraft, I love those games, but Fortnite is always on my horizon, and I don’t see that changing.”

The modern gaming landscape won’t change, she added, with juggernauts like Warzone, League, and Fortnite “here to stay, constantly evolving with the scene.”